Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

14 AnExpoftronof the 27. Pfalmt. Verf. r t ; ly, that God having received him into covenant, Mood bound tohelp him, as Pfal. 119.94. and Pfal. 39.3, 21,22, This ferves for inf}rucfion, and admonition. Thefief the For`inftrudion threewages. Firft, feehere, what may for inflrufti- be theestate ofthe godly, even of Gods deareft children : they maybe in the hand of their enemies, under the power oftheir di,ftreffors : plainly by the bondageof Ifrael in E- gypt for a long time, gen. i5. 13. with Exod. t. 9, I o, I I, z3, 14. The three fervants of God were thus calf into the Eery furnace, Day 3. 20, z I . and Daniel himfelfinto the Lyons denne, Dail. 6. 16.7eremie felt thisevill, Ter. 26.14. yea Chrift himfelfby the wicked hands of the (ewes was taken,crucified,and flain,JEs2. 23. which we are tomark, to prevent rafh judgement, as well againlf others, as altoa- gainft our [elves, in thiscafe. A fault in which the godly themfelves may fall, as well againft others,?ob 4.7. Remen- ber, Ipray thre(faith Eliphaz, to lob) whoever perifhed, be- ing innocent? as alfo againft themfelves, If 49. 14. Sion Paid, the Lordbath forf4enme, andmy Lordhathforgotten me, Pfal. 22. I cAly god, my God, lk'hy haft thou forfaken me ? But ifwe mark, every mans deferving by finne, and Gods foveraignty over the belt, it will flay our hearts and The fecond tongues, from the finne of raíh judgement. life for in- Secondly, this petition fhewes, that if hegodly fall in- truttion, to the hands ofthe wicked, it is by Gods permiffion and difpenfation :for a .`barrow 1ighteth not on theground,with-- out the willofGod. Mat. 10. 29. therefore Chrift faith to Pilate, thous twouldeft have no power over me at all, except it weregiven theefrom above, John 19. I I. and the Church faith untoGod, thou haftgiven us like [beep appointed for meat thoufelleft thypeoplefor nought, Pfa. 44. I I, 12. Paul faith, I think; that godbathfet 114 forth the laß eXpo- fles, as it were appointed to death. Which is a thing very obfervable, as the only groundoftruepatience, Pfal. 39.9. with 2 Sam. 16. To, 1 z, i. z. and alfoof fweet comfort in the greateít perfecution : for hehath faid, I will not leave thee