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verfal. Alt Expofitionof the27. Pfilme..., ¡Y7 . andofaudience in timeof trouble, 2Chran.7,,i 3, i4which encouraged the Churchin adverfty,1f.63.19. We are thine, thou never bearegruleover them : they were not called by thy name : And ?eremiahherewith moveth God tomercy, fer. 14. 8, 9. 0 thehope ofIfrael, thefaviour thereof in time oftrouble, Why fhouldefl' thou beas afinger in the land? -- as a man that cannotlave ? yet thou, O Lord, art in the midi ofus, andwearecalledby thy name, leave uc not. Secondly, ifwe have failed by tranfgreffìon (for in many things we fìnne all, ?am. z.) thenwe mull becareful' to renew cove- nant withGod, by renewing our repentance for our fumes,. and our faith in Chrift jefus : fodid the jewes, and found. help for deliverance,7udg. t C. I e,15,16. So did lehofaphat, and was preferved, a Chron. 20.3. &c. This renewingofrepentance and faith is,for a Chriáiian with (: od,as the founding analarme on the filver trumpets was, for the old Ifraclites, when they went out towarre : it caufeth remembrancebefore the Lord,that we may be fa- ved from our enemies, Numba i 9. Lastly, we mutt make confcience ofnew obedience, and do that which the Lord commandeth, then willhe be an enemy to-our enemies, and an adverfary to our adverlàries. Exod: 23. zz. Ifherein we approve our felves the children of Abraham, we (hall receivefromGod the bleflingofAbraham, Godwill bleffe them, that bleffe us, and, curie them, that curfe us, Gen. 12. x. ForfalfeWitnefesare rifen up againf me,._ and frach as breath out cruelty . Thereafon of Davids firmer requeft, that hemight not be delivered to the willofhis enemies,drawn from their un- confcionable behaviour, and deadlyhatred towards him. Their unconfcionable behaviour, they roteup agai it him, in falfewitnefíebearing : their deadly hatred, in breathing out crueltyor violence. Bothwhich may be referred to the fame perlons : for a Klan that beareth falfe witneffe again his neighbour,is as a mawle, anda fword, and a íharp arrow, ?rai.2;5. 18. all which