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18 Ex,pofitiomof thez7. Pfalme. Vertiz which areevidences of great violence. Yet, becaufe thefe two fentences are in the originall in divers numbers (for Don no," the latter isexpreffed in the fingular number,He that breath- ethout cruelty) therefore,I take it, in the latter hepointeth out Saul himíelf, and in the former filch, as did falfly ac- cufe him unto Saul. For `David elfewhere pointeth out Saul by the terme and phrafeofa violent man, Pfalm 18. 48. Thou haft prefervedmefrom the violent man : and Pfal. 140.4. Prefervemefrom the violent man. Here then wee have to confider two grievous evills,that befell Davidfrom his enemies : the firft from Sauls flattering followers, the fecond from Saul himfelf. The third For the firft, falfe witneffes did rife up againi David, Observation. fuch aswithout all confcience accufed himofevills, whereof he was not guilty. See Pfd. 3 5.1 T. Falle witneffes didrife up againme, they laid to my charge things that I knewnot, Pfal. 56. 5. Every day they wremy words, Pf. 57. 4. My foule is among lions : I lye among them that arefet on fire, even thefonnes ofmen,whofe teeth areJJears,and their tongue a (harp(word, Pfalm 59.7. Behold, they belch out with their mouth,fwerds are in their lips, Pf. 64. 3 . They whet their tongue like a(word, andbend their Bowes to Jhont their ar- rows even bitter words : Such a one was Cufh the Benja- mite, ofwhom he complains toGod, Pfal. 7. fee the títlet and fuch was 'Doff the Edomite, Pfalm 5 2. the title. The firf The reafonhereof is two-fold. Firíl, Gods divine pro- Reafon. vidence difpofing, that under this aP' icïion, of fuftaining falfe accufations,David fhouldbe a type of Chriftwho was thus wronged. Mat. 2E. S9,6c. The fccond Secondly, this proceeded from the dominion ofcorrup- Reafon. tion inDavids enemies themfelves : who wanting the feare ofGod, as Pfal. 5 4.3. and hatingDavidwithout a caufe, Pfd. 59. 3, 4. even becavfe hefollowed goodner e, Pfdm 38. 20. and knowingSauldefired to hear evill ofDRvid,as 1 Sam. 22.7, 8. that hemight have fome colour at leaf} to put him todeath, to which purpofe falfe witneffes ferved fitly, as' 1 Kings 21. to. therefore to pleafcSaul, and to procure