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Verf.s 3 . .R$ Expofitionof the27. Ffatrne. all wemuff look, that wegonot on in acourre offnne,fot that withholds good things, hr. 5. 25. and caufeth God not to hear our prayers, Pf.6r. 18. Secondly, thi muff move us to labour to be fuch,as (hall furely partake of Gods bell blefiings : For God is the great houfekeeper, that makes provifion for children, for fer- vants, yea for bruit creatures, even for his verydogs. And anfwerable to his greatneffe inprovifion, is his juftice, and wifedome in diftribution : he gives not to all alike, but to everyonehis portion, and will not have childrens bread gi- ven to dogs, Matth. 1 5.26. indeed for temporall bletiings he many times gives a larger portion to the wicked, then to his children, as wee may fee by the (A._ward Rateof `Dives aadLazarus, Luke i o. 1,9,zo. as great houfekeepers will many times featt ftrangersmore liberally, then their ok,, children. Yet Godhath better things for his own,then for theworld-, as L2?at. 3. i i, i6. And the right way to par- take of the belt blefiings is, firíl in generali tomake lure we be in covenant wiehGod through faith in Chrift Jefus: for he that comethunto Godmuit believe, Heb. H.6. 6. yea be- lieve in Chrift, for he is the way, the truth, and the life, nó man cometh to the Father but by him,John 14. 6. Nowbe- ing thus in covenant, all is ours, Whether things prefent. or things to come, z Cor. 3.2 r, 22. we partake hereby of his fatnefieand fweetneffe, Rom. II. 17. and Godwill prevent us with bleffingsofgoodneffe, Pfal. 2 z . 5. In particular,to teftifie the truthof our faith,wemull get and manifeft the grace oflove : for this is a fusecompanion offaith, Gal.5. 6. and a fure fruit of the fame fanc4ifying fpirit, Gal-5.22. and this entitlesus unto Gods bell bietiings, z Cor. 2 9. What eye loathnotPeen, care bathnet heard, nor heart concei- ved, bath Godpreparedfor them that love him, z John.3.14. We knoW we havepa f edfrom death to life, becaufe We love the bretheren. Secondly, we mull fear Godwith a filiali feare : by the . confederationofGodspower and pretence, feeking to bring our hearts to trueconfcienceof efchewingevil!, and doing s 2 good, 129 Tke fecond ufe for admo- nition. The righth'27 topartake of theheft blof fngs.