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134 AnExpefitionofthe27. Pfal?e. Verf. 13; rowfortone the 1'ay it prepared for Chrit and his King. dome. Mal. 3. t. and Mat. 2 1. 3 2. And new obedience in efchewing evill, anddoing good, is that behaviour winch comes from love, afruit ofthe fpirit, bywhich faith wor- keth. Gal. ç.6,22. The fourth e The fourthand tail point to be hereobferved is,the bene- Obfervation. fit whichDavid received, by believing Gods word and pro- mife, hereby hewas preferved from fainting inhimfelf, and from being foyled by his enemies, in their moll violent op- pofition : forone or both of thefeevills he confefl'ethwould have befallenhim, if he had not believed : fee Pfd. 3. 3, 6. ThouLordart abucklerfor me, there is his faith, I will not be affraidoften thoufandof the people, that have let them- felves againfl mee round about : there is his fecurity from faith, Pfal. ç7. r, 3. cM'!yfoule trufleth in thee : yea in the fhaddowofthy wings will Imake. my refuge, till thefe calami- ties be overpafi Hefballfendfrom heaven and fave me, &c. The Reáfon. The reafonhereofis plain : for his faith intitled him to Godspower and providence , for protec5ion and fafety itj timeofdanger,fromwhence fprang that courage,which up- heldhim from fainting in the depthof ditreffe : whereas, ifhe hadwanted faith, he had indeed been out ofcovenant with God, and fovoid oftitle to Gods power and provi- dence, and fo muff needs have fainted,when worldly power and refuge had wholy failed him. This Davids enemies knew well, and therefore, thinking that God had forfaken him, they do thereupon encourage themfelvesto perfecute him, with aflàrance to take him, ,--Pfd. 71. 1 t. The firff life This ferves for inftruc`fion, and for admonition. forinfruth- For inffruc%ion twowayes. Firf}, it lets us plainly fee the ón. great evill ofunbelief, for it takes awayheart and courage in timeofperfecution. This we may feeby whole heart dyed within him, when heheardofdeadly danger al- ready paa, r Sam, 25.37. and in Saul, when the Phtlillines came upon him, he was fore troubled at the fight ofthat huge Army. i Sam. 28. s. and afterwards fainted, when he