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Vert 13. As Fxpofitionel the27. Piet/we. he heard, by the witchofEndors means, theheavy tydings of his approaching ruine. verfe zw. and theday following defperately fell upon his own (word, when the Philiftinos preffednear unto him, i Sam. 31. 4. Hence Ahaz. and his peoples hearts were fhaken as a leaf, when they heard, that Syria and Ephraim were confpired again, him, If. 7. z. at which time the Lord promifed himmercy ; but withall tells him of thehurt ofunbelief. verfe 9. Ifyee will not believe, yee(hall not be effablifhed. Secondly, here again fee the great benefit offaith, both The fecond for courageand comfort in timeofdanger,for the righteous life rr bold as a Lyon. Prov. 28. I. when the wickedpye, and no romanpurfueth : and alto for fafety and deliverance, while it is a bleflring to them. See Pfalm 3 t . 19, 2O. Pfalm91. 1, 2, 9. Tïc _,U-Son" for For admonition, it ferves notably tomove every one to admonition. get the graceoftrue faith, and to fet the fame a working in the time of danger. This world is full of evills and trou- bles, as the Sea is of formes andwaves : now faith is as the ferne that guides, and the anchorthat holds faf, againft thegreateft blahs and billowes. Heb. 6. 19. this intitles us to Gods power and providence, which is like the pillar-ofa cloud by day, and fire by night, to guide and keep us, as it did Ifrael, Exod. 13. 2 I,22.and 14.19. This gave courage to the three children. Dan. 3. 16,17, 8. Verfe 14. wait on theLord : be ofgood courage., and he ,hallfitrengthen thine heart : wait, 1 fay , on the Lord. '35 Hefe words are the Prophets zealous exhortation and The meaning encouragement,both to his own foule and to others to of the words. wait on God, and beofgood courage, meaning in time of trouble and afi}ic4ion. Vnto which good duties he doth firreuphimfelf and others, by the benefit they (hall receive thereby : viz. God will £trengthen their hearts : and af- terward repeats the firm duty again, forwaiting onGod to (hew