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AIM 142 An Expofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. \er[' t4. Thefe graces bringquietneffe, and confidence,which are the strength of the godly, I1 3 0.19. Thegodly behaviour needfull to true fpirituall courage is . threefold. First, to make fore our fi lle be for a good caufe : for ifWe foferfor righteou e e a e, e need not b e ofraidfor any terrour, i Pet. 3. 14. Let none o you a er its an evil!doer but ifany manfuffer as a Chriftian, let him not be a(hamed, i Pet. 4 1 5,16. So the loves ftrengthe- ned their hands for thegood work. Nehem.2. 18. Second- ly, we mull store our hearts with the word of God, both for direct}ion in carriage,and confolation in distreffe. So did `David. Pfal. 1 i 9. i t . hide Gods fayings in his heart : and hereby kept himfelf from the paths of the dellroyer. Pfal. 17. 4. This is my comfort in mine affliction,for thy Word loath quickened me, Pfal. 119. 5o. And in particular knowGod is prefent with us, Deut. 31.6. i Chron. 28.20 2 Chron. 32. 7,3. Hag. 2.4. Thirdly, betide all the former, we muff ever joyn humble and earnelt prayer, äenngth and ou- rage fromGod : as Nehem. 6 9. They afraid oW therefore,0 God, ftrengthenmy hand. Acts 4.29.NoW Lord, behold their threatnings, andgrant unto thy fervants, that withall boldneffe they may fpeakthyWord. Andhe 'hallflrengthen thine heart.] The reafon where- byhe Prophet doth encourage himfelf, and his godly bre- theren, to the former duties ofwaiting upon God, and be ingofgood courage in the time of afii6tion, drawn from the great benefit they fhall reap hereby, namely, God will strengthen their hearts : he will put strength and courage into them, and make them refolute, or ftedfastly mrnded,as this phrafe is tranflated. Ruth I. 18. and able to hold'out until) they have a blef ed iffue. the gird Mark then, They that wait on the Lord, and encourage thtcrvvatio' . themfelvesfo todo, in the times ofaffliaion, (hall have the Lord in mercy to put strength into them, for their better enabling towait on him, Pfal. 3t. 24. Be of good courage, And he 'hall ftrengthen your heart : allyee that hope in the Lord. This David found to be true bygood experience,