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Verf. z4. An Expofrtienofthe 27. Pfalme, and courage inChrift Jefus, even perfect men, Eph. 4. 13. 14. Children are fo fearful', and not ft for warre s but Chriafinns mull fight the Lords battells, againft fpiritual enemies, Eph.. 6. i a. and endure hardnefe, as good foul diers, 2 Tim. 2. 3. Few do think on three things : but the molt content themfelveswith the fhewes ofgodiineí%, and want the powers thereof, t Tim. 2. 5. But wifedome is jultified of her children, Mat. r r.9. For admonition, according to this charge, every one fhould give all diligence, to get this fpirituall courage into their hearts, which will enable them to wait upon the Lord in times ofdiftreffe. The way hereto is tomake ''Are oftwo things : firft, that the flare ofour perlons towards Godbe good : Secondly. that our godly behaviour expref ..e the fame. That the fiate ofour perlons may be good beforeGod, three things are required : repentance,faith,and fan 1'ification. Repentance is that graceof God, whereby we, confidering our ovine wayes in our hearts, dohumbly confeflèour wicked wayes unto God, and praying for mercy and pardon, do forfake the finnes wherein we have lived. And this is needful( unto truecourage, becaufe the guilt ofevery fin brings fearful- ncffe : as gen. 3. 8, i o. Dent. 28.66. Thou fhalt feare day and night, Prov. 28.i. The wickedflye,when none purfuetho neither f.all anyman JIrengthenhim'elfin the iniquityof his life, Ezek.7. i 3. Faith is that grace ofGods fpirit,whereby we refl., and rely on Gods mercy in Chril`s merits, for julti- fication and falvation : hereby we arejultified, and be at peace withGod, Rom. 5. i . and the Yighteots are bold as Lyon, Prov.28.1. Hereby we are in Chrift thefon of God, Gal. 2.20. and inhimwe 'hall beprong and couragious, as Ephef.6. r o. Phil.4.3. Thirdly, fandification is the workof the fpirit, abolifh- ing corruption, and renewinggrace more and more every day. Now they, that are in thisefiate,have the fpirit dwel- ling in them. Rom. 8.x 1. which is the fpirit offtrengeh,lf. a 1. 2,the fpirit ofpower,and ofa found mind, 2 Tim. 1.7 s Th& 1 ¡The life for admonitiop. The way to get fpirituall courage. 141