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Verf.14. 'An Expofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. The like repetition wemay fee in the fame cafe, ram. S. 7. 8. Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord : behold, thehusbandman Waitethfor theprecious fruit ofthe earthBeyeealfo patient, ftablifh your hearts : for the coming oftheLorddraweth neer. The reafonof finch repetitions is,to (hew theneceffityof The Reafon. thisduty, of waiting uponGod inthe timeof aflhic`tions : for tribulations are like to continue to the godly in this world, as C hrift told his Difciplcs, ?ohn i 6. 3 3. in regard ofthe malice ofthe devil!, and his inilruments, who, being the feed of the Serpent, do bear continual! enmity to the godly,which are the feed ofthewoman. Thewicked ordi- narily are many, and mighty, as David complainetli, Pfal. 69.4. They, that hate me Without acaufe, aremore then the haires ofmine head, they that woulddeflroy me, being mine e- nemies wrongfully, are mighty. So asthe godly had need, with the fame prophet,to fay and do, as Pfal.59.9. Becaufe ofhisftrength will Iwait upon thee,forGod is my defence. This ferves to juftifie a profitable minifieriall prac`}ife, in The tile for the zealous prefling ofneedfull duties, by often repetition. inítruaion. Many have itching ears,ever defirous tohear novelties : like the ,4thenians,who fpent the time innothingelfe,but to tell orheare fomenew thing, A&ls 17. 21. But wifedome is ju- fli, fedofher children. They; that mind to be Chrilts Difci- pies, are defirous tohear needful! things, again and again : as yohn9. 29. whereforeWould you heare itagainandagain? willyee alfo behis Diftiples ? Ads i 3.42. The Gentiles be- fought, that thefewords might be preached unto them the next Sabbath. For which purpofe Paul faith, To Write to you thefame thin s is not indeedgrievous to me, butforyou it isfafe, Phil. 3. ; s his oftenpraéife ofit plainly fhew es in the fame cha er,verfe 18. t Aíany walkofwhom Ihave told you often, andnoW tellyouWeeping, that they are the e- nemies ofthe ("rob eo fChrifi, Gal. 1. 8,9. ThoughWe', or an .Angell fromheaven, preach untoyouany othergofell, then that which wehave preached untoyou, let him be accurfed. .4swe flidbefore, fofa), I noWagain, If any man preach Y '3 any