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146 AnExpofitienofthe 27. Pfalme. Verf. 14, The fecond Secondly, we muff labour to be fuch, both in Rate of tire for in- foule, and behaviour of life, as to whomGod will vouch- tiruftion' fafe thebleffing of ftrength of heart in evil) times. This re- quires ( befides the duties here named., of waiting upon God, and encouraging our hearts in evill times ) that be- fore hand, in the dayes ofpeace. Firit,we bewareof finne; andbreak off the courfe thereof by true repentance : for guilt of finne brings a trembling heart, and great aftonifh- ment, as `Deus. 28. 65, 66. even fear, where no fear is, PJ: 53, 5. it makes theheart to faile, Luke, 21.26. Secondly, that we are truly in covenant with God, not only receiving the feales thereof, for outward admittance and affürance, as Baptifme, and the Lords fupper, but hum- bly receiving,and obeying the word ofthecovenant,Chrifts holygofpell : which when we do, the Lord will fay, feare thounot, for IamWith thee; he not difmaid, forI am thyGod: Iwill' f rengthen thee,yea, Iwill help thee, yea;- IWill uphold thee, With the right handofmy righteoufneffe, Thirdly, that by faith we refit and rely upon Gods mer- cy in Chrift Jefus. This Is the groundof hope, wherebywe wai t on God, which hath the promifeof being ftrengthe- ned : as when it is fàid, that by faith force of weak were made ftrong, Heb. II. 34. as e..t -raham was ftrong in the faith, Rom. 4.20. This faith unites us unto Lod in Chrift, Gal. 2.20. and Gods promife is to ilrerigthen fuch in the Lord, É.ech. 10. 12. Fourthly, that webe upright hearted towards God, for the Lord makes himfelffirong for fuch, 2 ehren. 16.9. This'wemay fee by hispromife, and dealing with. 'David, who was upright before him, ?fal. 18.2;. and Gods hand was eftablifhed with him, his arme did'frengthen him, Pf. 89. 21. r The fourth The fourth and laft point here tobe noted is, the repeti -- obíe>vation, tion of the firill duty here prefcribed. wait, Ifay, on the Lord: that is, evenafter the Lord hath ftrengthened,thine heart,yet wait Rill on God,an . abidehis leifure for thy full deliverance. The