Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Verf. I. A. Expojitiß. of . MeB . Pfalme. 5 For ought we know they might be of years of dif_ Anjwer. cretion,and privie to their fathers health. When little ones dye in the punifhment of the fathers fin, God laves not thepunifhmentof the fathers fin up- on the children; but tomake the fathersfinne.more odi- ous, Both then bring upon the children the fruit of their own original!corruption, which is death determined up- on all flefh, as appears, Gen. 2. 17. withRom. 5.12. As creditor, that hathboth the father and the fonne deb- tors unto him by bond, may upon the fathers provoca- tion lay the forfeiture upon both, being both in his danger. Secondly, here is fpeciall encouragement to the chi!- { ÿfe dren ofwicked parents tobecomegodly and faithful! in their plaees.In force fenfe theyare the fons of ítrangers, for Pfal.5g. 3. Thewickedare etrangedfrom the womb: yet ifthey leave their fathers (innes, and become faith- full to the Lord, here is comfort for them in the honour of Korah's pofterity. See If. 5 6.3. Let not the fonne ofthe (ranger, that hath joyned himfelfto the Lord , fpeak faying,, The Lord bathfeparatedme from hispeople: for ver. 6.7. The fonsofthe flranger, that joyned them- felves to the Lord, to fervehim, and to love the name of the Lord, Even them will Ibring to my holy Mountain, .anc inake: them joyfull in my houfe of prayer, &c.' for z Sam. 2.30. Them that honour me, I will honour, faith the Lord. Verfe. I. How amiableare thy tabernacles, 0 Lord of Verfe t Hofls ? THe matter of this Pfalme is a moll folemne and exprefling of Davids high efteemof the place of Gods publickworfhip, with his ardent and ear- - neít delire to have freedome and liberty to enjoy the fame, which a force think, andthat probably, he penned in the time ofA6foloms rebellion, whenhe fled for his life ä MufcuÌus. Pifcator.