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6 nxpofition ofthe 8q. Pfale. Verf i life out of Ierufalem, 2 Sa, . 15. t 4. for he mentioneth appearing in Zion before the Lord, verfe 7. which was after the arkof the covenant was brought thither,which was not in Sat& life-time ,but after 2 Sam. 7. about the b Mollerus 13. year ofhis reign. Or as b others, in the troublefome times ofhis great wars,wherby he was detained from the publick place of Godsworfhip : for that Abfoloms re- bellion was not fo long. He begins with thehigh ef}eem hehad of theplace of Gods publick worfhip, whichby way of admiration he doth acknowledge unto God to be molt lovely and a- miable ; verfe T. In thehandling whereofwe have thefe two things : Firft, the defcriptionofthe perfon, unto whom the ac- knowledgement is made : Secondly, thematter, that is I. Obferva- acknowledged. tion. The defcription of the perfon is theLord of Hois, The reafon. t. 11n' fo as the point is this, The trueGod is the Lord ofhofis. So verfe He isfo called, becaufe all creatures in Heaven and Earth are at the Lords command, as fouldiers in an Ar- my at thecommand ofthe Generali, ready preft to doe his will. Hence all creatures in heaven and earthare cal- VP I. led the hoft ofheaven and earth, Gen. 2. I. This title fhewes the Lords power and foveraignty o- ver all creatures, he may command and fet their places andStations at hispleafure, as generals do their Souldiers in an Army. See t Kings 22. 19, ce. Andhence are thofe strangeevents inwarre, that the weaker do con- quer, as Dent. 23. 3 0. One chafe a thoufand, and two put ten thoufand to flight. So z Sam. t A.6.13. Jonathan and his armour-bearer fmote a whole garrifon of the Yfe 2. PhilifIines. Foradmonition it ferves three waies. Firft, for feare and reverence towards Gods Majeftie : he is the Lordof hofts having all creatures at his beck, Pf. 5 O. I. 4. The mightyGod,even the Lordhathjpoken,and called the earth, from the rilingof the Sunne, unto the going down thereof. He