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Verf r4loExpofitionofthe 84. Pfalme. HePall call to the heavensfrom above, and to the earth thathe mayjudge hispeople, Jer,s , 2 z. Feareye not mee, faith theLord? willyenot trembleat my prefence ? Mat. 1c. 28. Fearehimwhich is able to deftroy bothfoule and body in hell. Secondly, that we takeheed of abufing anyof Gods creatures ; for be they never fomean, Godcan makeAr- mies ofthem to deftroy the wicked. Confider his won- ders in e/Egypt, ofhaile, offrogs, ofOyes, of lice, Exod. 8.9. &c. his dealingwithHerod, oATts 12. Reafon, as Ifaiah 36.9. erc.Howwilt thou turne away theface of ane Captain of the meaneft of my Matersfervants ? A ter- rour to thewicked. Thirdly, That we make lurewe fight under his ban- ner : for he is the Lord ofhefls, and hath lots f iirituall ar- mies andweapons. See Pfal. I i o. 3. Eph. 6. io. c c. and ? Cor. io. 5. See Pfal. 24.7.&c. Lift upyour heads, O yegates, andbeye liftedup, ye everlaftingdoores, andthe King of gloryJhall come in : that is, the Ark. Then the Lordhimfelfe intomens hearts, i Cor. 3. x6. Knowye not, that ye are theTemple ofGod, awl.that the fiirit of God dwe/leth inyou ? Rev. 3.2o.' Behold, I 11-and at the doore andknock., ifany man heare my voice and open the doore, Iwill come in to himandfupwith him,andbee with me. For confolation fundry waies : Firft, to thofe that fight theLords battels, &hand in defence ofhis Church. See `7'fal. 46.7. i i . As he is the Lordof hofts, fo he hath made Jefus Chrift the Captainofhishott,Iofh.5.14. No weapon that is formedagainft thee fhall profper, If. 54.17 Secondly, to any child of God in his particular di- ftreífe ; for he hath all creatures at command to ferve and fave his children, and todeftroy theirenemies. See Exod 14. 2g, s9. the watersofthe red Sea areawall unto the Ifraelites, but drown the Egyptians, Dan.3 fire faves the three fervants ofGod, and kills them that aft them Bb Yfe 3.