Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

io Expofitionof the 84. Pfaime: Verf. appeare by a briefeviewof the feverall parts ofGods ta- bernacle, confidered with the fpeciall ends for which they were ordained. The wholeTabernacle was-made ac- cording to the patterne !hewed in the mount : It contai- ned three diftinft places, the Court; theholy place, a.d the holy ofholies, and in each of thefe, there were feverall or- dinances, fervingby their ufe and fignification to teftifie Gods readinefle, who there dwelt among them, tocom- municate his goodneffe to his people there ferving him. Take a viewofTome : In the Court ( which fignified thevifibleChurch, wherein hypocritesmay have a place foroutwardworship) was firít the miniftry ofthe word and prayer : Here the Priefis and Levites taught the people, as it is faid ofChrift, Luke 17. 47. he taught dai- ly in theTemple ; here theScribes and Phariffes fate in Moleschaire, Matthew 3 3.2. andhere both Prieis and people prayed, as Luke I zO. for my han/e ¡hall becalled the boufeofprayer, Luke 19.4E Secondly, here was the altar ofburnt-offering, a type of Chrift : for the altar and the twelvepillars refembled God and the 12. tribes, making a covenant together with facrifice, Exod. 24.4. Thisaltar in the Court of theTabernacle was overlayed with brafièa ftrong mettall, to lignifie that Chrift God did fandifiehis manhood to be an acceptable facrifice, & ftrengthen him todo and fuller all things needfullfor our redemption and falvation:Thirdly,the laver for walhing, a typeoffanetification, Titus 3.5 . I-leb.10. 22. In theholy place were three memorable things : Firlt, the altar ofincenfe, fhadowin - out Chrifts interceffion inheaven ; Secondly, the tableofPhew-bread, fignifying that standing tableof the Word and Sacraments,where- inGodkeepeth plentiful! provifìon to feaft his elect in Chrift : Every onehad in his incenfecuppure incenfe put upon it, fignifying fulneffe ofjoy in Chrift Jefiis. Thirdly, thegolden candleflick, a figureofthe Church, Revel. ( a . zo. becaue it holdall up the light of Gods Word,