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Vert . yin Expofitionofthe 84. Pfalme Y t Word ; The feverall branches refembled particular Churches ; and the lights therein fignified the words of the Prophets, or the holy Scriptures, 2 Pet. 1.19. The fevenbranches from one (haft, all of one matter, figni- fiedvariety ofgifts and graces, proceedingfromone fpi- rit, Zech. 4. 2.6. In the molt holy place, or holy ofhohes was fir t the ark, whole lidd was called themercy feat, overlaid with puregold, andwithin it the two tables of the covenant, all fhadowing Chrift, who is our covenant, If, 49. 8.and our propitiatory, Rom. 3.25. i Iohn 2. 2. Over the ark didGod appear between theCherubins, fignifying God teaching through Chrift, who isattended by theminiry of Angels. Secondly, here were thegolden cenfers, to bring fire with incenfe to the mercy- feat, fignifying that with the incenfeofthe fpirit ofChri,fts fufferings muff be mingled. by Chrift himfelfe upon the altar with fire, beforethat our fervice can be accepted, Lev.16. 12. withRev. 8. 3.4. Thirdly,here was the pot ofMannah,whichGod gave them from heaven, fignifyingChrift crucified, the bread that camedown from heaven, John 6.41. i Cor. io. 3. Alf() Aarons rodd that budded,teftifying their rebellion, Numb. 16. yet being neer to themercy feat was pardo- ned in Chrift : Thefe tw o laft, Heb. 9, 3, 4. are faid to be within the ark ; where * fome referre the relative to Iun: ar. the former antecedent,whichneeds not, feeing that ftan- ding before it they werewith it ; for nothing was within but the two tables, z Kings 8.9. Befides there, that didfeverally belong to fome of the holy places, there were fome things common to all. As firft,the annointing oyle, wherewith everyparticular vel- fell and inarument was confecrate to hisholy ufe,fìgnify- ing the gracesofthefpirit,fandifying us toGod.2.the co- verings for the whole tabernacle,GgnifyingGodsproteRi- on, by his fpecial 1 providence over his whaleChurch and B b 3 every