Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Verfi. : .10Expofition ofthe 84. Pfalme. Secondly, to Godschildren, are they lovely to thee?Let thine actions towards Godsworship declare the truth of thine afredions. Menofauthority and wealth mull apply both for the mginaenance ar:dfurtherance ofGods worship, fo did Da- vid,i Chron. 29.2,3. Ihaveprepared withall my might for thehoufe ofmy God, &c. BecaufeIhave fet my af feCtion ta the houfeofmy God,6-c.Minilters efpeciallymuft Chew love unto anddelight in the Lords worship, by negligence they conceale the knowledgeof God,fee Mat. 23. r 3. Luke t t. 5 2. The fhewbread muff befet upon the table in the Taber- nacle every Sabbathnew, Lev.24. 8. By prophaneneffe they caufe the Lords Tabernacle and fervice to be forfaken and loathed, t Sam. 2.17. people altomuft call oneon another, If. 2.2, 3. and all both Magiltrates, Minifters and people mull: pray for the Lords power and providence inmaintai- ning his pureworship. The next week being the timeofor- dination ofMinifters, it is not unfit to take notice ofit, to do that which Chrift enjoyned, Mat.9. 38. Prayye there- fore the Lordoftheharveft, that he willfendforth labourers into hisharveft. ThoughPapifts obferve fuch times fuperflitioufly, yet we maydo as Gideon , who facrificed to the Lord that which was prepared for Baal, Iudg. 6.26. Verf.z. Myfoule longeth, yea, evenfaintethfor the court! of the T ord,my heart andmyfiefh cryethoutfor the livingGod. N the former verte David by way ofadmirationac- knowledgeth unto the Lord the louelineffeofhis Taber- nacles. In thisverfe he doth in his owne perfon verifie his former confeffìon by difcovering his owne ardent and earnelt affection, firft to theplace ofGods worship, then to God himfelfe, for whofe fakehe fo affe6ted the place.His fervent affection towards the place is in thefe words, tly foule longeth, yea , even fainteth for the Courts of the Lord. The Colirts of the Lord were two : one Cc was Yerez.