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.rinExpofitionofthe84. Pfalmeo Verf.1 was the great Court, that place whither the people came other was for thePriekts, 2 Chron. 4.9. For this Da4 yids foule longed and fainted ; hehad as great a defire of ter it,as a woman with child hath after the things fhe long- eth for, and'being deprivedhereof his foule fainted, aswo-, amen will do, when theymiflè of the things they long for : His vehement delire after God himfelfe is in the latter branch , c2'ty heart and my f elb cryeth out for the living god. In thewords note two points Firft, 2DavÁds earneát T; Obferva- and ardent affeétion towards the placesof Gods publick tion. worfhip, his foule longed and fainted after them, his of e cation towards this place was like the appetite of a woman with child; who is apt todefirefome things inordinately,. fee Pfd- 27.4. 'Tf.. 4-2 .1.Pf.63. r . The reafonhereof ,{rands on a double ground First, the n T, fenfe of.hisowne elate in foule for fome fpirituall wants : t ® 2. His eftate in foule was this, firft, bee had a true fpirituall hanger andthirft after heavenly things, as Pfal. ro7. 5. which things wereonely to be had in the Tabernacles of God : His cafewas like the prodigal] childs9 Luke 15. 17. lie *as hunger-(larved, andthere was bread et otte-h at hisfa- thers houfe, for the Tabernaclesof God arcBeth-lehem, the houfe ofBread, Matth. 2.6. Here Chrift is borne, the true bread of life, John6.48. S o. It might well be called the houfeofbread, for antiently it was Ephath; or È'phratha a placeoffrttitfulnee, Gen. 48.7. and at Bethlehemwas an. excellent Well,after which David longed, 2 Sam .23. t 5. fo in Gods Tabernacles is the river of his pleafures, the foun- tainof life Hither apply Etek.4i . i. the waters of the SanEloary, and Zech. r 3. I. a fountainfor ttncleannefe. Secondly, Davidwas in love,which afteetion will grow tobe strong jlrongas death, Cant. 8. 6, 7. Now the party he loved was here, and here only to beeenjoyed, for fpe- eiall fpirituall fociety; a' Kings 9. ;. See CAnticles I. 7, 8. Thirdly, 'etidr foulewas withchild, he had fpiritual- l9