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Verf. 2. AnExpofitionof the 84. Pfalme. 19 1y conceived Chi,1t : Now longing is :ordinary to women , Plin. lib. 23. with child, itsgravidarummalacis : and the thinghe long. cap. 6. ed for was in the courts ofthe Lord. This ferves for inffruftion, admonition and comfort. rfe r For infruaion, touching the goodorbad eftateofmens follies, for if our foules be in good eftate, we mufc be affe= eted towards Evangelicall worfhip, as Davids was to- wards legal', for hunger and thinfl, love and longing áfr er heavenly things. In.: vangelicall worfhip isour communi- on and fellovAipwith Chrift and his benefits, and indeed in this worldherein only and chiefly becaufc Of Gods ordi- nances : If thou fay with W i rnari, Ore not Abana and 'arphar, rivers ofDamafcics, better then all the waters of Ifrael ? ,2 Kings 5. 12. thou mu,ít keep thy leprofie offinne unlefle thou change thy mind, for all Gods fprings are here; Pfal. 87.7. Nowafter tryall it will befound true,that many neither hunger nor thin, lovenor long, but fay, as Mal. I. 13. It is a wearineffe, and as Amos g. 5. when still thexe»Moon and Sabbath be gone, as lob. 21. 14. they fay unto God, depart from us, and as the mitt multitude, Aruriab. i i. 6. . Ourfoule is dryedaway, there is nothing at all befides this Manna before our eyes. Foradmonition, to labour to have oì r hearts affei1ed h; e towards Evangelicall wort-lip, as Davids was towards legali. The way is to informe our felves ofour naturali mi- fery in our felves, for which there is no remedy but in the Lords Tabernacles,hisBethefda, John 5. 2,(9-c. where who- foever firft after the troubling ofthe water ftepped in, was made wholeof whatfoever difeafe he had : Our mifery is fpirituall in blindneffe ofmind,hardneffe ofheart,& -c.Now here onely is theLords eye- falve, Rev. 3. i 8, and theSpirit, that takes away the ftony heart, andgives an heart offlefb, Ezek. 36.26. For comfort, it snakes generally to thofe, that truly de- yfe 3 fire and delight in Evangelicall worfhip;ifherein theydealt fìncerely,theycannot but be acceptable to God, and hewill C c 3 give