Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Verf. 3, Expofatzon ofthe 84. Flake. of acceffe to the Lords Altars, that is, to the Lords Taber nade, where his altar was, the holyplace of hisfolemne worfhip, which was to Davids foule, as thehoufe to the Sparrow, and the nett to theSwallow. This application he enfoldeth in an Apofiopæfis, an in- terrupted exclamation unto God of his Altars, concealing force words, which fhould expreffe his full meaning, from thepaflìonate affec4ionof his foule, which kind of fpea king is molt frequent , and fit to manifeft fervent de- fires. I am not ignorant, that the Chaldee /araphrafchath o- ther names ofbirds, viz. thedove, and the turtle, t`tFll and t>>.l t,, and the Septuagint gvGicp4 7rU7sev the Sparrow and the Turtle, whom the vulgar latine followes, but the proper fignification of the words is as our Englifh. Bible hath them : Betides, interpreters differ in applying the latter part ofthe verfe ; force referre it by oppofition to the former, as though the Lords Altars were the place, where thefe birds didbuild their netts : which yet fome o- thers, not without carafe, doe diflike ; becaufe, though in the Temple Sparrowes and Swallowes might build their netts, it being very fpacious, Vet it is not like they did build them in theTabernacle, which was theplace ofGods wor- fhip, when `Davidpenned this Pfalme : Now the applica- tionwhich I make, in a facred Apofiopæfis, prevents that fcruple, and yet prefers the condition ofthefe birds before Davids for outward liberty, which way foeverwe refer it. Though I conceive the truemeaning of the prophet to be this, that the Sparrow and Swallow had liberty to build their riefs, andbreed their young, in houfeswhichwere be- longing toothers, whether neer untoor far off from the Tabernacle it matters not, all houfes were alike to them, yet in houfes they defired to build, and were permitted, wherein thefe birds had theirdelire : but David was de- barred from the Lords Tabernacle, where his Altar was,, which tohis foule was as an houle andnett to the Sparrow and Swallow, and whereto hee had right and intezéf, Dd 2 tagving