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26 dinExpofitionofthe 84. Pfalme, Vert. 3, having the Lord ofhofts forhis King andhis God. In the words thus explained and taken,'note thefe points. t. Obferva- Firi, that Davidprefers theoutward condition offi- tion. ly little birds as the Sparrow and Swallow before himfelfe, to his fenfeand feeling their outward eftatewasbetter then his. They had liberty to enjoy the placeof their defire, even Reafn. other mens houfes to reft and Defile in, whofe birds they werenot ; but he was debarred from the Lords Sanctuary. the only refting and neftling place for his foule, though he hadtitle thereto by fpeciall covenant, having the Lord of hofts for his King and his God. Vfe. i. This ferves for initruction admonition and comfort. For initrudion thus,that Gods fpeciallfavour mull not be meafured byoutward things,we mutt not judge them reje- ed from Gods favour, whofeoutward eftate is mean and miferable,for fo (hall we offend againft the generation of Godschildren,Pf.3 5.15 .Davidwasa man according toGods heart, own AFts 13.22.a patterne ofpiety to all fucceeding Kings of7ttdah and Ifrael,as i Kings 3.14.t0Solomon.and Kings I 1.38.toeroboam:yet for outward eftatehewas ve. - ry miferable, t Sam. 26.2o. hunted as a flea,or a partridge, 'Ff. 102. 6, 7. as a Pellican, an owle, and a Sparrow. Yea, Chrift himfelf, the fonneofGods love, Col. I. i 3 .had not whereon to lay his head. Thishis mean andmiferableeftate made the people in his time to judge rafhly of him. See lfaiah 53.3. life 2. For admonition, beware of rafh judgement either a- gainft our fervesor others.Confider beuideDavid andChrifft before mentioned,the parable ofDives and Lazarsis,Lok. 16. and thehate of many, whom the world was not wor- thy of, Heb. 11. 37, 38. which is a needful' thing in thefe troublefome timesofthe ChurchofGod : beware of rath judgement; confider that judgement muff begin at the ¡f` 3; houfeof God, r Pet. 4.17. For confolation, this makes greatly to the aflliaed and banifhed, ConfiderDavidr cafe at this time, nay the cafe of