Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

S An Expofition of the 27. Pfalme. Verfat. children did hereby encourage themfelves in great prefent danger. Dan. 3. 16, 17. We are not carefull to anfrer thee in this matter. Our God, whom weferve, is able to deliver its from the burning, fifty .fttrnace , and he will deliver as out of thine hand. And for affarance hereof, mark all Gods gracious pro mites of protec`fion and prefervation to the godly : as Ifa. 41. 14. Fear not thouworme 7acob, &c. I%a. 43. I, 2, 3. Now faith the Lord, that created thee, O Ifrael, fear not, for I have redeemed thee,and called thee by thy name,thou art mine. When thou paflèft through the water 1 will be with thee, &c. If a . 5 1 . 1 I,12, 13. The redeemed of the Lord (hall obtain joy and gladnefhe:and forrow and mour- ning (hall flee away. I, even I,am he that comfortech thee: who art thou, that thou fhouldeft be afraid ofa man, that (hall dye, and ofthe forme of man, that 1hall be made as grafle ? and forgetteft the Lord thy maker, &c. Addehere- to, yerem. 46. 27, 28. Fear thou not, oh thoumyfervant yacob for I will fave thee I amwith thee. Obj. But we fha ll finde, that the moft godly do fear, as Davidhimfelf. Pfal. 116. t I . IPaid in my hafte , all men are lyars : And 1 Sam. 27.1. I(hallnow perifh one day by thehand ofSaul. Anfrv. Thiscornes from theweaknefïfe of their faith, as (-Matti). 14. 30, 3t. Peter feared, though he had Chrifts word for his warrant , through theweakneffe ofhis faith: which may alfo beencreafed by prefent guilt in force fin. Obi. But theg-dly fometimes flye, and fall before their enemies, and fo cannot but fear. Änlit. All promifesof temporall bleffìngs, fach as free- dome fromhumane fear is , are to be understood with ex- ceptionofthe croíle, that is, mutt give way to Gods cor- rec4ion for finne ; as in David, 2 Sam. 12.14. and toGods making triall ofgrace, as in /4, Chap. 2, 3. The fecund Secondly , here fee the true ground of that difference, life for in which isbetween thewicked and thegodly , about flavifh (lru&i©rn, fear a,nd godly boldneflè plainly testified by Solomon. frov.