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Verf2. A;; Expofaíionofthe 27. Pfaime. Prov. 2 8. t . The Wickedflee , When no man purfueth : but the righteous is bold as a Lion. This cometh hence,The god- ly have theLord with them, and for them, and that makes them bold : but the wicked have the Lord.againft them,and that frikes their hearts with fear anddread. See the truth of this in inftance. c/1_fofes leader all the people of Ifrael boldly through the red fea : Pharaoh followeth boldly for a while, but at length he and all his hotte are affraid ; and flye away , and are drowned. Heb. i 1.29. with Exod. t 4. 25. And at Chrifts refurrec4ion , the keepers are as dead men for fear, but thewomen , that fought Jefus , are bid not to beaffraid. (Alatth. 2 8. 4, 5. The i.ife for For admonition, it ferves two wayes : Firft, to take no- admonitim tice, that the truegrounds ofcourage and boldneffe is this, that a man hath the true God for his God : that fo , who- foever would be comfortable and couragious in the evill day, do labour for this estate , to have the true God for his God. It is not onely true, that affiic`tion followeth fin- ners , fo as evill {Ball hunt the wicked perfon todeftruefi- on, Pfal. 140. r 1. but even the godly themfelves are fub- ject to many miferies : as Pfal. 34. I 9. Through manifold tribulations we muff enter into the kingdome of God. Ae4s a 4, 22. Now, unlef%God be for us, the heart will fait, when evilscome, as WJabals did, i Sam. 25.37. And none indeedhave the Lord for them, but thofethat ftand right- ly incovenant with God : whichbe filch, as repent of their finnes,believe in the Lord Jefus,and walk innew obedience. This is wholfomedoarine; for fouldiers in warre, Mari- ners on the fea, and for every one in evill times. Secondly, thofe that have true courage and comfort in The fecund evill times, mutt learnhence to give Godall the glory. For life for adnó- g y mtion. this is theLords gift , as David confeffeth , Pfal. i 8. 29, &c. 9 Vert p.