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Will s. AnExpofitionofthe 27. Pfahne. 15 Lordis withyou , While ye be With him : and Chap, x6. 9. The eyes ofthe Lord runne to andfro , throughout thewhole earth,tofhew himfelflrong,in the behalfofthem,whofeheart is perfetl towards him. INIow a perfe&heart is difcerned,by an obedient life : Ifa. 3S. 3. Ihave walked before thee in truth, andwith aperfeft heart , andhavedone that Which is good in thyfight : with ?ob I. I. That man was perfeEt,and sspright, andone that fearedGod, and efchewedevill. The third thing to be noted here is, the ifhueand fuccefle The third of the cruel attempt ofDavidsenemies againft him. They Obfervation. didnot onely fail oftheir purpofe againft David ; but even themfelves Rumbled and fell. See this plainly, both in his particular combate withColiah , i Sam. 17. 44, 49. who laid, hewould give Davids flefh to the fowler of the ayr, and to the beafts ofthe field : but it fell out otherwife. Al- fo in manifold battles,that he fought again(} the Philiftims: wherofhe faith ingenerall , Pial. 118. i o, i 2. All nations compaffedme about They compiled me about like Bees : they are quenched as the fire of thornes. The truth thereof, fee r Chron. 14. 8, &c. when the Philiftims came up againft him, two feverall times , in great abundance , andbrought their Gods with them , which he burnt with fire at Baal. Perazim , Verf. 12, &c. See allo, Pfal. 37. "1,15. The Wickedhavedrawn out the!word , and have bent their Bowe, to calf down the poor andneedy, and toflayfuch as be of up- right converfation. Their (word fball enter into theirowne heart, and their boxes(hall be broken. The reafon, or caufe hereof, was in God : who for juft The firII Rea= caufes flood for David, and fet himfelf againft Davids ene- fon. mies. God flood with David for thefe caufes. Fir,ft , hee found him out,and chofe him todohim fervice,in that place andRate, wherein he was fo mightily oppofed by hisene- mies. See Pfal. 89. 20, 21. I have found David myfer- vant ,with my holy oil have Iannointed him. Withwhom my handj7all be eftablifhed : mine arm alto(hallftren¿thenhim, d-c. as Aft: 1 3.22. IhavefoundDavid thefonne of Jeífe, a man after mine owne heart. Pfal. 78. 7o. Flee chofe D David