Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

I6 AnExpofition of thez7. Pfalrme. Verf.z. David hisfervent, and toolz himfrom the Jheepfold. The fecund Secondly, Davidtrufted inGod, and fowas holpen. Pf. Reafon. 62, t, 2, 3. Trulymyfoul wrtitethupon God: from him co- methmyfalvation. He onely is my rock, and myfalvation he is my defence, I /hall notgreatly be moved. How long will ye imagine mifchiefagainfl a man?yefball 6eHainall ofyou: ou abowing wallJhallye be, andas a totteringfence. Pfal.2 t. 7, 8. The King truffeth in the Lord , and through the mercy ofthemof1 high he¡hall not be moved, &c. Pfal. 91. I, 2, 9. He that dwelleth in thefecret place of themoil high, Jhall a- bideunder thefhadom ofthe Almighty, 05-c, The third Thirdly, Davidprayed unto the Lord, and fo was pre- Reaton. ferved. Pfal. s 6.9. When I cry unto thee , then fhallmine enemies turn back¿: this I know, for God isfor me. Pf. 34.4. Ifought the Lord,andhe heardme, and deliveredmefrom all my feares. Verf. 6. This poor mancried , and the Lord heard him, and Pavedhim out of all his troubles. This duty hath Gods promife. Pfal. 5o. i 5. Call upon me in the day oftrouble, Iwill deliver thee, and thoufhalt glorifieme. The fourth Fourthly, Davidmadeconfcience offinne, and walked in Reafon. in obedience. Pfal. i 8. 21, 24. For Ihavekept the ways of theLord , and have not Wickedly departedfrom my God. Therefore hatb the Lord recompenfed mee according to my righteoufnefe. The fifth Now for his enemies , God would not be with them, Reafon. for thefecaufes. Firft, they were not called of God , nor fent by him againit David : Pfal. i C. 2. pride, malice, and covetoufnefle stir up the wicked. The fixt Rea- Secondly, they werewicked men, workers ofiniquity:as Pon. Ve f. I. withwhomGod will not joyn for helpand affift- ance. lob. 8.28. God will not call away aperfect man, neither will hehelp the evill doers. Pfal. 94.2o. Shall the throne of iniquity have fellòwfhip with thee, which fra- methmifchief by a Law ? Pfal. 5. 4, 5', 6. Thouart not a God that haft pleafure in wickednef1 : neither fhallevill dwell with thee, &c. Pfal. 56. 7. Shall they efcapeby ini- guitie ? Third