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i8 Expofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. Vert. 2. fee in goodKing Vofiab, who for the firmes of the land, that haftened Godsjudgements , fell by the handof Pha- raoh Wjchoh. This ferves for in,ftrution, admonition, and comfort. The firfi üie For inftru lion : feewhat a great bleffingand priviledge forinftru ti- it is, to ftand rightly in covenant with God ; whereby hee "u' becometh light or falvation to a man , or to a people , and the ftrengthoftheir life : for fo !hall they finde extraordi- naryprefervation in timeofdanger,and ftrange deliverance beyond humane expectation : as here Davidconfefleth,and the people of Ifrael found manya time: as when they were purfued by Pharaoh , at the red fea, Exod. 14. IC, i 3. fo allo, when yaJhuahwonne Jericho, 9ofh. 6. 2I Ai, 7ojh. 8. 28. and flew the five Kings of theAmorites,who fought a- gainft Gibeon, yofh. 1 o.15, &c. in which fight , the Sunne stood still in the midft of heaven , and haftednot to go down about a whole day, nerf. 13. Andafterward, when diversother Kings, with all their power, came to fight a- gainft yo,7uah, with muchpeople , as the fand upon the fea fhore for multitude, withhorfes and chariots very many, fhuah difcomfited them all, yofh. i i . I, 2, 5, 6. And the Anakims, against whom former:y nonecould J }and, Deut. 9. 2. Yet yofhuahdraye them out, and deftroyed them ut- terly and their cities.7ojh. 1r. z I , 22. The like we may fee in the ft range viaories, in the bookof theJudges, by De= Borah and Barak againft Sifera. 7udg. 4. i5, &c. ByGi- deon against the Mid ianites, 7udg. ß.ï2, &c. By 7ephtah againft the Ammonites, 7udg.. I ; . 32, 3 3. By Sampfon a- gainft the Phili,ítims , yudg. 15, and 16. chapters : and fo by 7onathanand his Armour- bearer , againft a garrifonof thePhiliftims, I Sam. 14.15. By Davids many victories over them before mentioned : by Afa againft theEthiopi- ans, 2 Chron, 14.9, &c. 7ehofhaphat againft Moab, Am- mon, and Mount Seir, 2 Chron. zo. 1 2, &c. and Hezekfah againft Sennaçherib, 1f. 37. 36. The second Alfohere fee the miferyofthofe , that be out of cove- tiie farin- nant with God : for theLords power isever againft them firuttion. (unleffa