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Verf.3. AnExpofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. 19 (unlelle whenhe will ufe them , as a rod and fcourge topu- nifh the rebellious : as If. ie. 5, 6.) and therefore wo unto them : as Hof. 9.12. withDext. 32. 3 0. For admonition,to give all diligence to be truly in cove- nant with God , that fo it may be with us, as it was with David. For which end, in theprofeffion of the true faith, we must imitate the godly practice ofDavid, having a cal- ling for that we do, truly in God, pray untohim, and walk in obedience. Alf() , as we delre to fcape the Lords hand in our over- throw, let us beware of theRate and properties ofDavids enemies. For comfort to the godly, fighting the Lords battles, and yet overmatched. If they be in covenant with God, and followDavid, in thewarrant of a goodcalling , in af- fiance, prayer, andholy obedience ; theymay fay, where is the Godof David, of ?ofhuah, of 7ehofhaphat, 6c. as Eli- fhaPaid, where is the Lord GodofElijah ? 2 Kìa9 s for he is without fhadow ofchange, lam. 1. T7. Verf. 3. Though an hofiefhould encamp againme,my heart (hall notfear : though warrefhould rife againfi me, in this will Ibe confident. The Ure for admonition. The U'e for comfort. TAEre the Prophet returnes, tomake mention ofhis con- The meaning 1 f rage and confidence againft his enemies, more fullyex- of the words, prefng the fame , then he had formerly done ; by making fuppofall, that with all their force , and in their greaten fu- ry, they fhould let upon him ; laying, though an hofefhould encampe againft me, there is the fuppofall of their force , andyet he Wouldnetfear : and though warre fhould rife a- gainf me, there is the fuppofall oftheir rage and fury; yet in this will I be confident. But what meaneshe by, in this ? The molt take it demonftratively, with reference to that he had faid, the Lord is my light : yet it may be taken for a relative , and referred to the warre made againft him, wherein hewould be confident , uponhis having God for his light, &c. D 3 Here