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20 AnExpofation ofthe 27. Pfagne. Verl 3. The hr(t ob- Here then wehave two things to note ; the one implied, fetvation. or taken for granted ; The other expreffed. The thing im- plied is this, that to be in fear, and tobe confident,are here oppofed as contrary affebions of the heart. Davidhere profeffeth his heart was free from fear , and that h2ewas confident. And to clear the propofition, it contain.,;th two -things. First, that fear and confidence arecontrary affei- ens : this is acknowledged by the very heathen, as a princi- ple in naturali philofophy, which none can deny, that know Whatfear is. the nature of thefeaffehions, or feel the forceof them.For fear is the faintingor falling downof the heart , upon the apprehenfionofevil!, either prefent or imminent : as Luk. What con4- 21. 26. Mens hearts failing themfor fear. But confidence Bence is. is the trufi, or perfwafionof theheart, to efcape evil!, and to enjoygood : as Pfal. 37. 3.5. Secondly, that thefe affe&i- ons are feated in theheart, is likewifeacknowledged by na- turall men, and plain alfo in Scripture : for fear, fee Luk. 21. 26. as before : and for confidence , pfal. 28.7. The Lord is my firength, andmyfhield, my heart trued in him. The Reafon. The reafonhereof, is thewill of GodAlmighty , the maker of mans heart : as Pfd. 33. .15. Hefafhioneth their hearts alike ,andhe made this contrary to that. Ecclef. 7.14. The ufe for The application is twofold. Firft, for inftruétion : fee infiru&ion. here that one of thefe twomuft needs poífeffe every oneof our hearts: for thefe affections are naturali , and who will exempt himfeif from that , which is mans natural! eftate ? Elias was a man fubjea to natural! paflions, Yames 5. i 7. and faid of himfeif, I am no better thenmy fathers, i Kings 19.4. Whether .4- weft. Was efldam endued with fear by creation? dam by creati- ,4nfw. Adams fear by creation was filiali, of God : but onwere en- fervile fear was not inhim, till he finned againft God : Of deedwith this we may fay,as offlume. Cen. 2.25.7hey were bath na- fear ked,the manWad the woman, and were not afhamed: with Gen. 3.9, i o. The Lord God called untoAdam , andfai3 sotto him. where art thou ? AndhePaid , I heard thy voice in tí eegarden, andIwas afraid, becaufe IWas naked , and Ihid myfelf. For