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if 10 22 A; Expofition ofthe 2,7. P*adore. Verf. 3. vidence ; for his prefervation. See P/al. 91.9, 1 o, I T. Be- caufe thou haft made the Lord , Which is my refuge ; even the molt high, thy habitation. There 'hall no evill befall thee, nei- ther fhall anyplague come nigh thy d4 elling. For he 'ball give his Angels charge over thee , &c. So Pfal. 3. 3. andPfd. 118.6. Obj. Davidwanted this confidence before Achifh, t Same2l. I2, I?. Anfw. Hee had then the habit of faith in God in his heart, but failed fomewhat in that particular ad ; as Peter did more, whenhe denied his mailer, Lull; 22.6o. with 3 2. Which wemuff obferve, to reftrain rath judgement,againft our felves or others, for particular fats : For , aswee have fandification in part , and not perfectly, fowe may fail in many particular ads. Which yet muit not encourage any, to go on in a court e offinne , feeing raigning finne, and fa- ving grace, cannot ftand together. See Rom. 6. to 15. This ferves for inílrudion, and for admonition. The ufe for For in trudion : fee the great fruit ofgodlineffe , ingi inftru Lion. ving courage and boldneffe inhis great& diftreífe : as is faid in general!, I Tim. 4. 8. Godlinefre is profitable unto all things. Pfal. 5 8. 11. Verily , there is a rewardfor the righ- teous. The life for For admonition , to labour to be fuch as Davidwas , if admonition. we delire tohave the like courage.Now DavidRood right- ly in covenant withGod, and kept covenant,teftify Ihahe fame by new obedience. See, Pfal. 18. 21, 3 kept the wayes of the Lord , and have not wickedly departed frommy God, &c. And fay not , this fampler is toohigh : fee yam.5.I o. Takemy brethren the Prophets, who haveffo- ken in the nameofthe Lord , for an enfample of fuf fering af- flic`lion,and ofpatient QAdSt.Pa felf faith,learn ofme. aul Phi/.2.5. Let this minde be inyou , which was all?) in Chri(i- 7efus. Ephef. 5. T. Be yefollowers ofGod,as-dear children. Verf. 4