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Verf. 4. "InExpoftion ofthe 27. Pfslrne. Verf. 4. Onething have Idefiredofthe Lord,that will Ifeel, after : that Imay dwell in thehoufe of the Lord , all the byes of my life , to beholdthe beauty of the Lord, and toenquire inhis temple. Aving , in the former verfes, plainly exprened the gularbenefits , he received byhaving the true God for his God : as namely, that hehimfelfwas encouraged in the greateft afàults ofhis enemies. Yerf, i, 3. and on the o- ther fide, his enemieswere daunted and difinayed , Yerf. 2. Here in this verfe , he thews his ardent affeftion towards the place of Gods worthip, being indeed theonelyway for his foul toenjoy fociety with God, who washis light, and falvation, and the ftrength ofhis life. This affeéionof 'David , towards theplace of Gods worthip, is here notablyexpreffed, three ways. Firft , by this, that hemakes it the onely matter of his fpeciall fuit untoGod, whichboth formerly hehad defired, and would yet alfo Rill feekafter:one thinghave I defiredof theLord, that will I feekafter, that Imay dwell in thehoufe of the Lord. Secondly, by the lengthof time, for which hewould enjoy that benefit, namely, all thedayes ofhis life. Third- ly, by the comfortable ends, for whichhe delires it , which hereare thefe two: firfi , to behold the beautyof the Lord : fecondly, to enquire in his temple. For the firft : theLords houle, inDavids time, wasthe Tabernacleof the Congregation , towhich hehad appro- priated the ordinances of divine fervice; for theperfor- mance whereof, his people did thither aífemble themfelves, while it flood , and to the Temple built by Solomon after- ward, whereto God made the promifeof his prefence, E Kings9. 3. whither theTribes went up. Pfal. z 22.4. un- towhichplace Davids heart was truly addi&ed : as Pfd. 26.8. LordIhave loved the habitation ofthy houfe, andthe the place where thine honour dwelleth. i Chron.29.3.1 have let my afettionto thehoufe ofmy Cod. But now,in the new E teiia- Themeaning of the words.