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24 AnExpofi'tionof the 27. Pfalme. Verfq., tatament, difference of place, in refpeft ofholineífe , is ta. ken away, ?oh.4.21. and Gods houfe is his Church, i Tim, 3.15. that is, fuck companies, and alfemblies ofpeople, as be in covenant with God , and meet together in Chrifis name, to performworfhip and fervice untoGod : as Mat. 18. 2c. For the godly are Gods temple, and Gods houfe. z Cor. 3. IC. 2 Or. 6. 16. i Pet. 2.5. Now to dwell in Godshoufe is, to continue a true member of Gods Church, a truebeliever , enjoying the liberty andcomfort of Gods holy worfhip and fervice : wherein, though the Priefts and Levites had a fpeciall priviledge , whofecalling was to do fervice in the fanftuary , as Pfal. 134. 1. yet it was not pe- culiar to them alone, as appeares by Pfal. 15. 1. and last, compared withLuk5 2. 36.3 7. wheremen , and women, that are truly godly, are Paid to dwell in Gods houfe. The first Ob= Here then , in this first exprelfion of ' Davids affeaion, fervation. towards the houfe of God, note two things. Firft, that Davids heart was fet upon the houfeof God above all o- ther things : he was more in prayer , and endeavour after this bleliing, to dwell inGods honfe,then after any world- ly thing. Thishe often tei}ifieth , as i Chron. 29. 3. Ihave fèt mine af feèlion to the houfe ofmy god. Pfal. 26. 8. Lord, Ihave loved the habitationofthine houfe,and the place where thine honour dWelleth. Pfal. 122. I. Iwas glad, When they faid untome , let augo to the houfe ofthe Lord. So Pfal.84. I, 2,ic. and Pfal.42.I,2,4. This affethon is the more to be marked in David , be- caufe the wowonders at it in Gods children : as Cant, 5. 3,9. and desM them for it, as 2 Sam.6.2o. thereforecon- fider the reeafons, that movedhim thereunto : which are indeed the wonderful!, rare, heavenlybleßings , which are The aft certainly enjoyed in. Gods houfe,and no where elfe.Where- Reafon. of the first and principali (fromwhich all the reft do flow) is the fure fruitionof fociety and feliowihip with the true God ; who is one in effence, three in perfons, the father,the Tonne, and theholy Ghoft. Who,thoughthe whole world be his, yet only ihewes his fpeciall grace and favour, to the true