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Verf. 4. AnExpofitionofthe27. Pfalme. 27 Fourthly, here is moil admirable remuneration , even in The fourth blef e this life, with thehonour of grace , and favour to be his Gods houfe. friends, 7oh. 15. 14, 15 to be his children, i Ho 3. i. and to have the attendance ofthe heavenly Angels , Pfalm 34. 7. Pfal. 9i. I I . Heb. t. t 3. but moll aboundantly in the life to come : Matth. i 9.2 8, z9. Matrh. 2 5. 21,23. Luke 1 2. 32. This ferves for inftruc`lion, and for admonition. For inftrudion two wayes. Firi: , fee herea plaine evi- The fir rft Ufe dence, ofthe great ignorance, and unbeliefofnaturall men, on. in the thingsof God : for not oneof a thoufand hath Da- vids affec`lion toGods houfe : and the true caufe thereof is, their ignorance and unbelief; touching the good things of Gods houle : As in the like, fee, john 4. I O. and Cant.5.9. Here it is true, that the light that is innaturali men , is but meer darknefl'e, cil'tatth. 6.23. Secondly, that undoubtedly it is a wonderfull priviledge, The fecond and prerogative, tobe a true member ofGods Church,and ufe for in- to live in his houfe; elfe David would never have fo much Itru&ion delred it. For admonition, twowayes. Fir1, to try our affeíîion The firft ICe toward the houfe ofGod, by Davids : for fure it is,ifGod for admoni- beou light, and our falvation, and the,frengthof ourlife, tion. wecannot but delire to enjoy that place, where weemay havefocal, withhim. Now theevidence of this good affec`lion is. Firil, for- row for want of liberty to Gods fervice : as Pfal. 42. I, 2, 4. When I remember thefe things , Ipour out my foulin me, &c. And for want of Gods Paving and facred ordi- nances : as Pfal. 74. 9. Wee fee not our fignes , there is no more any Prophet, &c. as Phinebas wife in travel!. I Sam. 4. 19, 20, 21, 2 2. Theglory is departedfrom Ifrael,for the ArkofGod is taken, (c. Secondly joy, in the meanes and liberty thereto : as Pfal. 12 I . I. Iwas glad,When theyfaiduntome : let augo into, the houfe oftheLord. As,when the Ark came toBethfhemefh, from among the Philiítims, they of Bethíhemeíh rejoyced E 3 to The evidence of good affe- &ion to Gods houfe.