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An Expofitioi of the 7. Pfalme. Verf.4. to fee it 1 Sam. 6. 3. and facrificed facrifices unto the Lord. Verf t 5. AndDaviddanced before the Ark for joy, xrhen it was brought to the City ofDavid. 2 Sam. 6.1.5)16. and fo 21(ehem. b. 12. all the people made great mirth , for underflanding the word ; and Veil. 17. inkeeping the Lords feaft,thereWasgreat gladneffe. The fecond Secondly, to get Davids affeftion to Gods houfe:which Ufe foradmo- will be had, by knowing their mifery that are out of it ; as nition. the world drowned out of Woahs Ark: and as is expreffed, Rev. 22. 15. with 21. 8. alfo by their happineffe that bee the living members of it : fee Rev. 21.7. add 22. 14. for then they have God for their God , and right to all the blefïings ofthe covenant, in freedome from'the miferies of nature (as they are curfes) and fruitionof all needfull good, in direFtion, provifìon,proteétion,and remuneration, as before is (hewed. For the fanbifying of thefe things confidered to our hearts, we muft pray for the fpirit , which quickeneth the dead, and giveth light , and fight to the blinde eyes of the underftanding : andwith all endeavour to leave finne, and to live godly , that fowe may bemore capable oftheblef- fings ofthe fpirit. For the fpirit ofGod is an holy fpirit, and will not dwell in an unclean and filthy heart : as,2 Cor. 5. 14, 15. Mark the place, whereChrift eats thePaffeover with hisDifciples. Mark, r 4. 15. It is a large upper room, furnifhedand prepared : fo it fhould be with our hearts , if we wouldhave the farher and Chrift to comeunto us, and make their abodewith us : ?ohn 14.23. yea to fupwith us, Revel. 3.20. The fecond Secondly, inhis firft expreffingof Davids affection to- Obfervation. wards the houfe ofGod, note alfo themeans he ufed , and the courfehe took, to obtain this blefling : namely , with earneft delire, and prayer to God, hejoyneth other endea- vour, and feeketh after it , by doing what he can other- wife to get this eftate. Here are twowords ufed,declaring Davidsbehaviour to `obtain thisMelling, that hemight dwell in the houle of the Lord. The