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Verf.4. :ßsExpofitionofthe z7. Flamm. The firft doth plainly point out the duty of prayer to God, and that ofearneft prayer, fuch as Beggars ufe , who are ufually importunate : as Prov.2o.4. ?hefluggard'ball beg in harvefl, The fecond word , though fometime it ex_ prelle fceking in prayer , yet often betokens the ufe ofother means,befideprayer,whereby the thing defired may begot- ten, as labour and pains, in travail and otherwife : as Pfal. 3 7.3 2. Thewickedwatcheth the righteores, and f eeketh toflay him : and therefore it is fometime expounded bypurfue : as P[al. 34. 14 Seek,peace, andpurfzse it. Whereby it feemes plain , that `Daviddid with prayer, joyn other endeavour to get this blefling , to dwell in the houle of the Lord. The reafon of this behaviour is twofold. Firfl, obedi- ence to Gods ordinance,who required of thofe, that would dwell inhis houfe, three things. Firft,repentance from dead works, whereby theybreak offthecourfe ofall fin , where- in they had formerly lived : fee , i /ohn 1.6. If Wefay we have felloNhip with him, and wakin dark, icfe , We lye. Hath the throne ofwickt:dnefe fellowfbip with thee ? Pfal,94, 20. Whatfellowfhip bath light With dark iefe, &c. 2 Cor. 6. 14, 15. Davidwouldnot fu$ér an evill perfon todwell in his houle, Pfal. io1.4.7. and (hall we think that God will have his houfe defiled with filch ? )ror reigning finne is fpirituali leprofie : and, though he werea temporall King, yet bodilyleprofewill caufe him to becafe out oftheLords Santuary, 2 Chron.26.2o. Secondly , to bee beautified in foul with inward graces, through regeneration, as faith,vertue,godlineífe &c. 2 Pet. 1,5,6,7,S.Heb.1 i .6.He that'cometh unto Godmutt believe. Thirdly,to be adorned in life with newobedience. Pfal. 15. 2, 33 &C: 'Pfal. 24.3,4. And thefe thingsDavidmutt feek after , ifhee would dwell in Gods houfe ; and fo no doubt hedid. Secondly , delire to enjoy the bleffings of Gods houle, whereinhe knew that mans true happineffe did stand : as ?fal. 65.4. !fal. 84. 4. As Paul did, Phil. 3.13,14. Now 29 t,pu See `Pagnin.in this word M. The 6rft Reafon. Three things required of them that would dwell ittGods houfe The fecond Reafon. i L