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h. An.Pxpofitionof the z7. Pfalme. Verfq., ft.( to my God , While Ihave any being. Now the houfe of Godwas the chiefeft place for this duty. Pfal. z9.9. ha his temple dothevery onefpea%,ofhisglory, Ffal.8i .4. Blef- fedare they that dwell in thine houfe : they will beHill prai .. fing thee. The third Thirdly , bee knew , that to bee out of Cods houfe Reafon. was , to be out of Gods favour : as Cains complaint doth plainly import. Gen.4.14. and the Lords feveredeal- ingagainft Ifrael, for their fins, doth plainlyChew, 2 Kings 17, 1 8, 20. This fervesfor inftruction, and for admonition. The ufe for For inftrudion, feeplainly in David, that the hearts of infhrution. the godly do fincerely delire, and in their loves they do What it is at faithfully ftrive, for perfeverance in the flareof grace : for this day to dwellinGods b that thing at this day , is dwelling in Gods houle , as the houfe. phrafe imports , r ?ohn z 19. Theywent out from air , but they Were not ofus : for if they had been ofus , they wouldno doubt have continuedWith us ; that is, in the profeflîon and obedience of the word of faith. Which is a thing worthy ofour obfervation, for our better fatisfac`tion, touching the the truthofour dot trine, ofthe perfeverance of the Saints in, grace : thereofwe need to have the leflTe doubTt, feeing in th em all i; wrought a true delireafter thiseftate , which they Phew by prayer , and other godly endeavour. Now the Lord heareth the deliresof thofe that fear him. Ptah 145.19. and ciYlatth 7. 7. Aske and it fhall bee given you. The Life for For admonition,to thofe that are weary of Godshoufe, admonition. and theexercifes ofreligion , fnuffingat them , and faying it is a wearinefhe, Mal. 1. 13. faying, When Will the Sabbath begone ? Amos S. 5 . How many have we, that love the ale-houfe and whore houfe, better then Gods houfe, as Ter. 5. 7. They affernbled themfelves by troops in theharlots houfes. But, Lam.1.4. The wayes ofZion domourn,becaufe none comeunto thefolemnfeafs. Deft. How thould they alter their eilate and do bet- ter? s4nfW.