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Verf.4. din Expofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. Anfw. The way, ofman is not in.himfelf, r o. 23. yet the means, ordained of God , mull bee ufedof every one, that would become like unto David: which is dili- gence in theword and prayer , and making confcience to live according to theword. The third thing here to be noted , in Davids exprelling the fervent affec4ion of his heart towards Godshoule ; are the bleffed ends,for which Daviddelires that favour:name- ly, ftrft to behold the beauty of the Lord : fecondly toen- quire in his Temple. For the firft, theLords beauty, to be feen inhishoule, is not thebeauty ofhis effence,fór fono man can feeGodand live, ExceL 33. t 8, 20. Before this glorious beauty, the Angelscover their faces with their wings, If. 6. r, 2. But it is the beauty ofhisordinances, wherein God doth reveal to the eves ofmens mindes , enlightened byhis fpirit , the pleafant beautyofhisgoodneffe, Mike, love, andmercy in Jefus Chrift. Mark here then ; That in Gods houfe, the godly dobehold thepleafant The fourth beauty of the Lord, in his gracious properties,ofgoodneffe, Obfervation. ju(lice, love, and mercy in Jefus Chrifl. Pfal. 63. I, 2. My foul thirfiethfor thee, my flefh longethfor thee Tofee thy power, and thyglory : fo , as Ihavefeen thee in thefaatlua- ry. See 2 Cor. 3. i S. and4.6. The reafon hereof is, the good pleafiure ofGod , thus to The Reafoiì.. manifeft h+s gracious properties, in his own ordinances. Look as, in the works ofthe creation, he (hewed the eter- nal! power, and wifdome ofthe Godhead ; Rom. 1.19,2o. fo, in theordinances of his fervice, hedothmake knownhis justice, goodneffe, love , and mercy in Jefus Chrift. This is molt cleer in the Gofpel preached, and in the Evangelical! facraments rightly adminiftred ; wherein with open face, we behold theglory of the Lord, and are transformed into the fame image. 2 Cor.3.18. The worldby wifedome new not God, in the wifedomeof Cod: that is,howGodwill Thew himfelfwife in mans falvation. i Cor. i. 2I. Now, Chrift crucified in the Gofpel preached is, this power ofGod,and F a this 3;