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Verf. 4. As Expostionofthe 27. Pfalme. they may attain to this eftate; to fee the Lords pleating beauty inhis facred ordinances. The way is toget the fpi- rit , a Cor. 2. IT, i2. forwhich end , wee mull ufe Gods meanes,'the word preached : eA 7s lc. 44. Gal. 3.2. and prayer, Line I I. 13. in an holymanner, that is, firlt re- penting ofCnne, Troy. I. 23. Alts z. 3 g. Secondly, bun- gring and thirsting after grace,lfiiah 44.3. Thirdly,walk- ing in new obedience, Acts 5. 3 z. Secondly, to Gods children, tobe careful! of theirbeha= The fecond viour , that the beauty ofthe Lord may be nil! íhining up- ufe foradmo- on them. The way is : Firit, to watch against temptation nation. to finne, which is a cloud , to hide Gods face from his, people : as Lam. 3.44. I(aiah 59. z. Secondly, to bee frequent and diligent in thofe facred ordinances, and reli- gious services, wherein God begets, andencreafeth grace in their hearts : which now are,the folemn parts of the Evan- gelical' miniitery , in thewordpreached ; íacraments re- verentlyadminiítred;and prayer with thankefgiving.Third- ly, to strive to Thew the power ofgodlineífe in confcionable obedience. lohn 14 2f, 23. He that hath my Commande meats , andkeepeth them , he it is , that loveth me : andhe that loveth mehall be lovedofmyfather : and I will love him, andwill manifeft myfelfuntohim. Ifa man love me, he will beep my words : andmyfather willlove him, and we will come unto him, andmake our abode with him : andPfal. 5 c. 23. To him, that ordt:reth his converfatioi aright, will fhew thefalvation ofGod. The fecond end, for which Davids defires to dwell in Gods houle, is , that he may enquire in his temple , that is, diligently leekdiretionof God , in all cafes of doubt, or Hebr. early ;, difficulty, that may any way concern him. Mark heere then, That in Godshoule, the godly did enquire and leek of The fifth God, for direEtion and fatisfadion , in all material! cafes Obervation: of doubt, anddifficulty, that did concern them. See, for Davidhimfelf, i Sam. 22. IC. . Doeg tels Saul, that AN-- melech enquired ofthe Lord for David : and Yerf. I 5. di- F 3 himelechr