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64 AnExpofttlon ofthe 27. Pfalme. Vers. 4. this wifdome ofGod. Vers 24. Herein is made knows the unfearchable riches of Chris. Eph. 3. 8. and the manifold wifedome o fCod. Tier/: i c. For it pleased the Father , that in himJhouldall fulneffedwell. ( ol. i. t 9. in him arehid all the trea%ures oft.'if dome andknowledge , Col. 2. 3. and areall opened unto us in the Evangelical!miniJlery. Now the legal! fervice had the shadowofall thefegood things to come. Colot. 2. 17. Heb. lc. i, for the facrifices did lead to Chrift, as r Cor.5.7. and the purifying water shadowed out the fanctification of the fpirit. /oh. 3.5. Thefe and the reft of the legal! ordinances. were figures for the time of the Law, Heb.9.9. and the words of the Prophets, with them, were lights, that shined in a dark place, till the day ofthe Gospel did dawn , and the day-Marre ; that is the clearer light ofknowledge, arife in mens hearts : 2 Pet. 1. 19. Now, Davidhad the fpirit in prophetical! wifdome, 2 Sam. 23. 2. and thereby faw , even in thefe legal! ordi- nances, the pleafant beautyof the Lord his God in Chrift Jesus. This ferves for infiruc`tion, and for admonition. The use for For infiruCtion : fee a reafon of the different affections, ruftion tobe feen in men toward the houfeofGod, and the facred ordinances thereinufed : fome areexceeding zealous there- of; as Pral. 69.9. longing and fainting for the Courts of the Lord, Pfal. 84. 2. Pfal.63. t, 2. Pfal.. z. f, 2. O- ' thers count it a wearineffe , and wonder that any fhould take delight therein. Now, the reafon is, that fome fee the beautyof the Lord in his houfe, and others are blinde, and ignorant , and feenothing at all : as Cant. 5. 9. being like theProphets fervant that faw the horfes and chariots of the enemy, but faw not thechariots offire from the Lord, till the Prophet had prayed for him, 2 Kings 6. 1 5,16,17. They are like the woman ofSichar, that asked not the wa. ter of lifeof Chrift, becaufe sheknew himnot, nor thegift ofGod, Yohn4. 10. For admonition, it ferres twowayes. Firs, to naturals men, to give all diligence after fpirituall illumination, that they