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43 A, Expofitionof the27. Pfalrne. Verf.S. Lord his rocke and his falvation : as Pfd. 18.2. Pfal. 42.9. In this reafon thus conceived, note two things : the firft implied, touching his {hate ; liable and fübject to manifold evils and troubles : the fecond expreffed and intended , touching the means ofhis prefervation, and fafety from the forefaid evils. The frrfl Ob- For the firft, mark here, that Davidmakes account , that fervation. while he liveshere on earth ,. he is liable , and fubjed to ma- nifold evils , to fore and great troubles. Pfal. 40. 2. In- numerable evils have compaffed me. Pfal, 88.3. My foul isfull oftrou les. The Eft The reafon or ground hereof is fourfold. Firft , Gods Reaf)n. divine foveraignty, whereby he may do with his own what he will, and chi-pole ofhis deareft children, to endure both furrow and great aflihion : as he dealt with rob, ?ob 2. 3, &c. wherein our Saviour inftruc`teth Peter , sohn 21. 18, 22. which it feems Davidhad learned concerning him- felf, Pfal. 39.9. I wasdumb , I openednot my mouth , be- caufe thoudid/t it. The fecond Secondly, becaufe of iniquity : for finne is truly that Ate,. Reafon. which brings all evill : aff,iftion followes (inners. And here 17"41g71 firft, Davids own finnes make him liable to evils ofaffli- ct: ,. tion : he complains, that his iniquities took holdofhim : and fo he felt 2 Sam. 12. 10. Likewife, the finnes of the wicked in his time, might make it to go farreworfewith him as Eliah told Ahab, thouand thyfathers houfe trou- ble Ifrael : r Kings 18. IV. and fo we may think it was in the ,time of the Churches complaint. Pfal. 44.9,1o, 17, 18, T9. The third Thirdly, Satans malice; who calm out flouds againit the .eafon. woman, Revel. 12. 15. and prevails with God, for leave to afflií`t holy rob, with grievous plagues, yob 1. ro, i r. and 2. 5. and let not Davidefcape , r Chron. 21. r. Being indeed that roaring lion , going about feeling whom he may devour, r Pet. 5.. 8. The fourth. Fourthly, the malice of the wicked , who are the feed of Reatoán the