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yeti 5. 1ín Exptfi<íon ofthe 27. D/áhme. the ferpent : whohated and pet-recited David not for his offence or tithe:: as Pfe l.59< 3, 4. but becaufe he followed goodneffe : as Pfd. 3$ 19, 20. Like toCain , who flew hisbrother Abel ,becaufehis own works wereevill, and his brothers righteous, i yohn 3. d 2. whereof Chrift forewar- ned his dífciples, yohn 15. 19, 2a. Thisferves for inftrubion, and for admonition. For in,ffruc`l:ion : fee from Da-,ids refolution,what is the The tire for cafe and conditionofall the godly : namely, to be fubjec`1 ïnflruftion to evils and troubles , which David made account of : for all the fore-named reafons fallen themfelves upon the god- ly, now living., as they did uponDavid. And forplain te- illimony, feePfal. 34. 19. Many are the afflit`lions of the righteous. 2 Tim. 3. 12. All, that will livegodly in Chrif% 7 efs, (hallfuf fer perfecution. For infiance, fee 7acobscon- feffionofhimfelf, Gen. 47.9. Fewand evill have the days ofmy lifebeen : and the "late oflob , Chap. Land 2. And that of c'Íofes. Pfal. 90. 15. Alf() He!. I I.37, 38. they whom the WorldWasnot worthy of , Were moft miferablefor outward things: as Paul confeffeth for all the godly, 1 Coe. 15.19. For admonition twoways : Firfl , to thewicked of the The firñUk world, to bewareoffell deceit, in promifing to themfelves for admoni- continued happinefíe, and freedome from evils, becaufe for Lion. theprefent they enjoy peace and profperity. That this is their thought and courfe, fee Pfd. i o. 6. He bathfaid in his heart, I !hall not be moved:for Ilhall never be in adver- fitie : alfo, Ifaiah 2 8. i 5. they fay, We havemadea Cove- nant with death, and With hell we are with agreement, when the ovtr-flowing(courge!hallpaf fe thorough, it (hallnot come unto us. But confider what God faith, Verfe i 8. Your co- venant 11. 'ith death(hall be difanulled, andyour agreement with hell/hall notftand, &c. Benot therefore deceived in a matter offuch importance. Judgements =looked for will light , and lye the more heavie. Confider how the Holy Gho,ff reafoneth, I Pet, 4.17, 18. judgement muff begin at thehoule ofGod : and, if it firfl begin at us , what dial! G ?, the 4t