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AnExpofition ofthe 27. Pfalme. Verf. 5. the endbe ofthem,that obey not th° Gofpell ofGod?And ifthe righteous fcarcely be faved , where (hall the ungodly and the finner appear ? So ver. 25.29. LoIbegin t o bring evill on the City, that is called by my name, and fhouldyebe utterly unpuniJhed'? Luk. 23. 31'. If they do thefe things in agreen tree, what fballbe done in the dry ? Matth. i o 243 25. The Difciple is not above his cAtafler , nor thefervent above his Lord Ifthey have called the Mafle? ofthehoufi Beelzebub, howmuchmore [hall they ca Il themof his houfe- hold ? the feeond Secondly, to the godly tobethink themfelves withDa- "feforadmo- vid, that troubles may come, the dayes, in which they live, nitiou. may be full ofevils ; and thereupon toprepare for it , and to glorifieGod under afflie:bons , ifit pleafe God to fend them. For the fatisfying of the heart, ofevery mans fubje- ttion to troubles , confider the fore-named reafons , from Gods foveraignty , from finne , from the devill , and the wickedof the world, that are the inftruments of Satan : whereto, ifnone cananfver otherwife , thenby acknow- ledgement of fubjeftion , then will truewifedome fay, it is belt toprepare for it, that we may glorifie Godunder the croffe. The way of preparation is this : How to be Firft, tomake fure webe rightly incovenant withGod: prepared for which is undoubted to the true profeffours of Gods holy affliftions. religion, maintained amongf us, wherein we avouch the true God for our God,,and he avoucheth us for his people: as Deut. z6.17,18. with Deut. 29. lc, Y I, 1 z, 13. where- ofBaptifm is á trueSacramentall fgue and feal,as circumci- fïon was to the Jews,Rom.4.1 r. But he,that wouldbe a(fu- red thereof, mutt make confcience to perform the vow of morall obedience, made in Baptifine;offorfaking finne,be- lieving in God, and walking innew obedience. Secondly, toget the graceoffaith in Chrift , whereby we refs, and relye upon him, forall theWettings of theco- venant; This grace enables thejulf to live even in afflic`lion, as Heb. I 3 8. whereupon "Paulfail , he was able to do all things, through Chrifl, thatflrennthejed him : a6 to Want, and