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5 s AnExpo tìen of th27 Pfalnte. Verf6a 7Aerefore gill I offer in his Tabernacle, facrifices ofjoy: "willfing,yea, I willfangpraifes unto the Lord. HereDavid profeffeth his thankfull behaviour toward God, for the honour and comfort , which God would fhortlyvouchfafe untohim : and it ftands in the cheerfull performance , of filch religious fervice , for thankefgiving, as God required at thehands of his people , when he be- stowedhis bleilings upon them.Hereof he mentioneth thefe two : First , reall facrifices of joy , whereby he mean- eth facrificesof thankefgiving , over which the Priefts foun- ded an alarm with their filver trumpets, Num. I o. lc. cal- led the joyfull found, Pfal. 89. i 5. And this dutyhee am- plifieth , by thecircumftanceof the place , where hewould perfo,m it, namely in GodsTabernacle, the place appoin- ted for that folemn part of ;ods fervice. Dem. 12. I I,I2. 13, 14. There fhall be aplaceWhich the LordyourGod /hall chafe, to caufe hzs name to dell there : thither fhallyebring all that 1 corn l n r burnt and,yourfacri. fices, &c. ondy, fg in g praifes untoGod which du- ty.he promifethwith repetition or gemination ,. to teitihe his nidre certain refolution for the performance of it , fay- ing, I ,Will fing, yea, Iwill f ngFrail-es. In this proteflion of thankfull behaviour, note two things : First, thedutyhe will perform : fecondly,the place 1e fourth where: For the firlt, note. When David receiveth from God Obiervation. honour and comfort , then will heofferunto God facrifices of thankefgiving,withjoy hen heoffers hem,che vi11fing be facrifices ofjay , praifes unto Gad.. . The like he íhewed , at the fetching home of theArkof the covtnant towards the city of `David, i Chron. 13. 8,, 16. David fpake to the chief. of the Levites, to appoint their brethren to bee singers, with in rnmentsof ;l ttfickoPfaltdcies, and Harps, andCymbals, fouruding by lifting.ttp thtwto ce with jo_y. ìnd.0 aorthts,deliver'antefrog thehandof Saul,and other enemies.mf. 18.1,&t. PP