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54 Al, Expofitienofthe 27. Pr.( Verf. 6. hearted in Gods praifes. See Deut.28.470.8. JJecauf thou fervedit not the Lord thy God,with joyfulne(lfe0:1d withglad neffe of heart , for the aboundauce of d things.. 'Therefore fhalt thouferve thine enemies , &c. with Deut. 32. 6. Do .ye thus requite the Lord, O focliJhpeople andunWife ? The ufe for For admonition, that every childe ofGod be a follower admonition. of David, both for the duty it felf, and for the mannerof performing it, with cheerfulneff and gladn.efhe. Confider, that David í{udied the art of thankfulneffe, Pfat. 116.12, 13. and that upon weighty grounds, refpedingGod, re- fpeeting himfelf and hisbrethren : all which we fhould me- ditate on, to fir us up to the cheerful! performance of this duty ofthankfulneffe. The fifth The fecond point to beobferved in Davids profef ionof Obervation. thankfull behaviour is, thecircum,ance of place, where he will offer his facrifices : namely, in Gods Tabernacle. David..will offer his facrifices in Gods Tabernacle : fo 2 Sam. 6. 17. David fet the Ark in his place , in themid.ft ofthe Tabernacle, that Davidhad pitched for it : and Da- vidoffered burnt offerings , and peace offerings before the Lord : meaningby the hands ofthe Priefts , as, i Chron. i6. i. The firft Thishe obferved. Firft , that he might have acceptance Reafon. before the Lord in this fervice : for, in obferving this cir- cumftanceofplace, he obeyed Gods ordinance : Deut. 12. 11, t 2, 13, 14. and fo had title to the favour of accept- ance, as If 56. 7. The iecond Secondly , Davidknew there was danger in tranfgref Reafon. fing Gods ordinance : as i Chron. t 5. t 3 . The Lord our Godmade a breach upon us , for thatwefought him not after the due order : Therefore doth he obferve the place ap- pointed by God. The Life for This fhould teach us tobe followers of David, in refpe- admonition. ding and obferving Gods ordinance for the place of his fervice. It is true, differenceof place in refpe I: of holineffe, is now in the NewTeftament taken away : as, 7ohn 4. 21, 23. and therefore Paul willeth,that men pray every where, lift-