Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

TO THE TRVLY NOBLE Sir ROBERT HARL ,. Knight of the Honourable Order of the Bath, the comforts ofgrace here, and a crownofgloryhereafter. SIR, Mongfl other difadvanta es , to which the poflhume publication ofdeceafedmens works isfubjelt, one ra,that thepublifhersare com- monly fubeétedto havedealt in- jurioufly either with the i4u thours themfelves, in ofribing- that to themwhich is not theirs, or with others in u- furping that interefl unto which they mightpretenda better title. That nofuch j"u fßitionmay takeholdonmeby octafion of thefeenfuing Expofations, 1prefume toprefent them unto you, whobell know how Imaybe juflifredby the re- verendAuthours own-hand writtencopies,andlafl will and teflament. Nor amI willing that any thingofhis fhouldpaf fe into thepublike throughmy hand, twill I have madean open acknowledgement of the/peciall iaa A 3 tere