Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

The Epific terefiyou hadinhimwhilaf1he lived itshis Patron, and flillhave in all hispaper pofierity ,es theprincipallguar- dian to whom he commended the tuition thereof. For theft Idare not attempt tofay any thing concerning the fubjeci matter of them as inway of commendation, be- caufe it- is no other but theficred i'vordof Godwhich he himfelf bathmagnifiedabove all his name. Pfal. a 38. 3. and thereforeif I fhould goe about toPeak to that purpore at all,it mull be withfuch a premonition as that in the Satyrequicquid dixero minus erit : and fuck commendationsdo commonly incurre as jufily theymay, the cenfure of di aragements. But for the ollethod ebferved in the handling thereof ( how meanly fop ever efteemed of by many who peradventure never took thepains to look into it)Idare be bold tofay,that no true clrtifi can uponferious confederation except a- gainfi it, but that he mufffecretly condemnehimfelfe of too too wilful prejudiceandpartiality. For change but the termes,andinfleadofDo[Irineor obfervation write Theoreme or Propo f tion,'nfleadofExplication,Conflru.. i ion,infleadofReafon, Demonfiration, and inflead of life andApplication, Corolarie or Conclufron, and you willprefently think thatyou feefomany Divinity Pro- blemes Mathematically handled, and it maybe conceive , s Ido, that be who chofe to rife his method frfi in the courfe ofhis c winitery was afarre greater ertifi, andknewbetter whyhefhould dofo then many of thofe that either e f fell an ignorant imitationofhim, or care- leflycafi acaufelefefcorne upon the methoditfelfe, for forne mens inconfiderate mi(ufage ofit. The Authour of ;heft enfningExpofitions vasnoneofthem asyou, and many