Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Verf17. Expoftion of the 27. Pfalme. neffe bringswrath, 2 Chron. 32. 25. wemull therefore re- member Davids prac4ife, Pfal. 116. 1 2, 13, 14. And tee- ing, when we come to the Lords table, we pray for part in Chri?ts redemption, let us endeavour to walk worthy of it, and Phew the power of it, in leaving finne, and living godly ; elfe we truft in lyingwords, ifwe thinkwe are re- deemed todo wickedly ; as Ter. 7. 8, 9, i o. and indeedare like the dog, and fo returning to vomit and filth, 2 Pet. 2. 22, 23. Verfe 8. LA[] heartPaidunto thee, when thoufaidefl, feekee ye my face : thyface, O Lord, will 1feek 9. Hide not thy facefarcefromme, put not thyfervant away in anger : Thou haft been my help, leave mee not, neitherforfakeme, O Godofmyfalvation. HEre `Davidgoes on in the matter ofprayer, begun in the former verfe ; and firft doth teftifie the truth and The meaning readineffe ofhis heart,to anfwer and obey Godscommand, of the words. for the feekingof his face, verfe 8. whichbeing chiefly done in the duty and exercife of prayer, he doth verfe 9. put up humble and earnell fait nntoGod, for favour and mercy in fundrypetitions; and to move the Lord to grant them, he makes mention of Gods former favour in this kind, faying, thou haft been my help,and 'hutsup thefe reguefts, with no- table teflimonyof true affiance in Lod, calling him the God ofhis falvation. Here then, in thefe two verfes, we have in generali three things to handle : Firft, Davids fincerity, in readineffe to anfwer Gods command unto his people, that they fhould feek hisface, verfe 8. Secondly, Davidshumble and earneL requefis, for favour andmercy, anfwerable tohis former profefíion. Thirdly, Davidsmotives propounded to God, tomove him togrant his requefls, verfe 9. For the firft : Davids fincerity, and readineffe to anfwer Gods command, for the feeking ofhis face, is this : when thou faifl, feek,,ye myface, my heartlaidunto thee, thyface O Lord,.