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76 AnExpofitionofthe 27. Pfalrne. Verf. 9. intocovenant withGod , doing as Saul did. As 9, 5,6. Firft, defire toknow ' hrift , then fubjecl themfelves to his holy will , and wait in prayer for grace and mercy. See Affs9. 9, II. Secondly , Gods children , that have entred covenant with u_yod, rnuft be carefull to Thew themfelves Gods fer- vants: for profefflon without practice is nothing but hypo- crifie,making us like the Cbirchof Sardis, who had a name to be alive, but was dead , Rev. 3. I. Therefore wee mutt get the certain and infallible properties of good fervants, whichare partly inward, and partlyoutward. The inward are good affections, which are fpecially three. Firft , fear and reverence, c2Ial. I. 6. Pfal. 2. I i. Secondly, con- fcionable obedience to his revealed will. Reafon from Eph. 6.5,6,7. and from the Centurions confeffien vIlatth.8.9. as from the leffe to the greater. Without this, none are ac- knowledged for fervants , Luke 6. 4' . This mull be feen, both in efchewing evill, and doing good : as God faith of his fervant rob, yob. I. 8, 9. yea, we mull Phew our well- doing, in improving our Matters talents, Matth. z 5.23, 25. in fighting for him and for the faith, yohrm i 8. 36. ?uáe 3. in waiting for his coming, Luke 12. 36. And in all thefe, we muff be fervants in ordinary, not onely retainers that ferve God by fits. Thirdly, wee mull patiently fuffer his corrections, Heb. 12. 9, t e. Reafon from i Pet. 2. 18, &c. as from the leffe to the greater. Fourthly , we mull praife God for his mercy, Pfal. 134. I. Pfal.50.23. Pfal. 119.175. The fecond reafon , which David ufeth to move the Lord not tohide hisface, &c. is plainly expreffed, drawne from his own experience of Gods former mercies, in times of trouble, faying : Thou haft been my help , that is, when as heretofore I have been in diftreffeand danger, thouhalt holpen me, and therein fhewed thy favour toward mee. Now hereupon,faithDavid: knowing thee to be =change- able, I appeal unto thee, for likemercy, that I haveformer - ly felt. The fecond U e for ad- monition. The proper- ties of good fervants. In