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Verf 9. AnExpofitionofthe27. Pfalme. In this re anwe have two things to note. Fir.{ , the thingconfefl d by David, (imply confidered by it felf : Se- condly, with reference to the end , for which David here propounds it. For the first, the thingconfeffed by David, limply confidered, is this. That God was David' helper , and fo had been, Pfal. The third 4. 4. Behold, God is mine helper. Pfal. 3. 3. Thou Lord oblervation. art a Jl ieldfor me : my glory , and the lifterup ofmy head : Pfal.3o. i o. Hear Lord, and lave mercy upon me , Lord be thou mine helper. The reafon hereof is threefold. Firft , Gods free grace The Sr1I andmercy, receiving David into covenant , and therein Reaîorl. undertaking tobecome his helper and deliverer. Pfal. 89.3. z1, 2 2. Ihave madea covenant withmy chofen,Ihave fworn unto Davidmyfervant--with whommy handBald be efta- blifhed 'the enemy (hallnot exaEt upon him,&c. And this is anfwerable to that, which God faith to his people in ge- nerall,Pfal.So. S. i 5. Secondly, `Davidput his traft in Cod, whereby hewas The fecond intituled to Godshelp in trouble. Pfal. 28. . The Lord is Reafon> my f rength, and m y fhield, mine heart trufted inhim, andI amhelped: for indeed to fuch God becomes an helper. Pfal. 37. 39, 40. Pfa1.3 18, 19. Thirdly,Davidwalked before God in confcionable obe- The third dience, which gave him title to this bleffing , to have the Reafon. Lord to behis helper. Pfal. i 8. 16, 17, i 8. Hee fent from above, he t00%me , he drewme cut ofmany waters. He deli- veredme frommyProng enemy , andfrom themwhich hated me theyprevented me in the day ofmycalamity : but the Lordwas my flay , &c. \' erf. z i . For Ihavekept the *ayes of the Lord, cc. which was anfwerable to ._ ods ge- nerall promife, Dent. z8. I, 2, 7., and Pfal. 8i. 13, a4, 15, 1 b. This ferves for inftruuion, and for admonition. For initruc`Iion, in that, which Davidprofeífeth , we The ute for mayfee a notablepriviledgeof the godly , whobe incove- tnítruRitTi- nant.with. God , do love and fear God , and trust in him, and