Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Dedicatorie.. "rimymore well able toitiolge,canwitnefe withme, and theft AMMO others of writingsmay te/life, which through your hand, andunder your nameIconfecrate unto the common treyforeofthe Churchandpublikebe- nefit of all that love to look into the infideof the ily Scriptures, not curiouflymincedandmangled, or care- lefty torn inpieces howfoever, but artificially dilTecled and laidopen to the viewofall, even indifferentcapaci- ties : towhom to eakfoplainly, that theymay beedify- ed, is the bell ofofart, andan harder matter inSt. Hierom'sopinion (Epiftolâ ad Nepotianum) then to aflonifh andamaze them with amultitude of words the eafieft thing ofa thoufand, and that which it may be they flrive moll todo, that can or will do nothing well. Verbavolvere & celeritate dicendi apud im- peritum vulgus admirationem fui facere indoeto rum hominum eft, faith the learned father. Anda little after, Nihil tam facile quam vilem plebecu- lam & indoaam concionem lìnguæ volubilitate decipere qua' quicquid non intelligit plus miratur. Fut-ofthis convincing preacher ( as one thatyou know was :fed to call him) it wouldbe bard tofay, whether his own underflanding in thefacred oracles ofGod, or his diligence and dexteritie in making them odviouc unto the underflanding ofothers were more remarkable. once Iamfure that theft' amongfl other excellent endow- ments wherewith he was eminently qualified, bothmade bid lifefodear unto you, andHillpreferve his memorie foprecious inyour efleem, that Imake account you would impute it unto me as an impertinent prefumption if I /heu-ldpretendmineown engagements, or anyother in- ducements