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Sz Are Expofitionof the27. Pfalme. Verfg: Godfor himfelf , O codofmyfalvation : thou art unto me the God of falvation, upon thee I relye , both for life eter- nall in heaven ; and temporali prefervation here on earth, pfal. 18. 2. The Lord is my rock,' andmy andmy delivererthe horn, that is, thefizrength of my falvation. Pfal. 25. c . Thouart thebedof rayfalvation. Pfal. 5 T.14. Deliver mefrom blood guiltik'.efe, OGod, thou God of my falvation. Pfal. 62. 6, 7. He onely is my rock, andmyfal- vation InGod is my falvation, and rayglory. The firft Rea- The true reafònhereof is.Fidl,Gods racer gracear.d fa- Len. your in Chrilt , freely accepting of David into covenant with himfelf , whereby he becomes the God of falvations untohim, as the Church calleth God. Pfd. 68.20. See Pfa/.89. 3, 21, 36. Ihave made a covenant with my chofen, I havefworn untoDavid my fervant withWhom myhand (hall be efiablifhed Hefhall cry unto me, thou art myfa- ther, my God, and the rock,of myfalvation. And hereupon David faith, I am thine, rave me. Pfal. i19. 94. The fecond Secondly, with the favour ofacceptanceinto covenant, Realon. Godvouchfafed to work in Davidsheart filch inward gra- ces, as did maintain and continueunto David faire title to Gods falvation : as firit, troll and affiance in God. Pfal. 26.2. Save thyfervant , that trufleth in thee. Pfal. 25. 2. O my God,I trufl in thee. Secondly, love unfeigned, where- byhis heart did cleave to God. Pfal. 18. r, 2. I will love thee , 0 Lordmy (lrength. The Lord is my rock. Thirdly, Daviddid fear God, and reverencehim in his heart, Val. Y I 9..1 2 MyfleJh tremblethforfriar of thee, Iam afraid o#'thy judgements.Now he will fulfill the defireofthem that fear him : he will hear tl:cir cry, and fave them. This ferves for.initruetion, and for admonition, and for comfort. . TheUfe for For infruction , fee that it is a right and prìviiedgc of inQru kion. them, that be truly Godly, by particular and fpeciall faith. ri3cari. '4t to appty,Godsblellings of the covenant to thelnfelves : fo ` Dáviddidordinarily , and Paul, Gal. 2.20. I am cruci- ficd*itbChrift,. neverthelefe I live, yet not I, but G'hrifl livetb