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Verf.9. Expofationof the27. Pfalme. 83 livethin me, and the life which I nom live in the f efb, I live by thefaith ofthe So.ine of God, who lovedme , andgave himfelffor me. 2 Tim. I. I 2. I know whom I have belie- ved, andI am perfwaded, that he is able to keep that, which .1 have committedunto him againf that dray. Now herein he is a pattern to believers, 1 Tim. 1. 16. \Vhich is the rather tobe marked, becaufe Papiffs deny there is any filch ípeciall faith, for particular and perfonall afùrance, of the great blcWings of the covenant , but onely a generali applying of them , as they belong to Gods Church. But fo the truly godly, fhould go no further , then wicked men , nay then the very devils do : for they know that there is a God, and believe his goodnefí: in Chrift belongs to hisChurch. Nei- ther is it truc, that particular afharance , of the many bief- fìngs of the covenant , is onely a fruit of fpeciall'andextra -, ordinary revelation : for the Scriptures tetifie it comes from truc particular ordinary faving graces : asfaith, i Joh. 5. 13, and love, 1 John 3. 14. For admonition : every one, that delires the comfort of Theufe for this eftate,muit labour to teflifie the truthof being in cove- admonition. pant with God, by thofe graces, that did entitle Davidto the great blefhngs of thecovenant , even true faith in God, through Chrift,true love,and trite fear ofGod. The getting offaith is in the reverend cxercife oftheWord , Rom. i o. 17. to pray humbly, and earneRly , for the workof the fpi- rit , which is the worker of this grace , 2 Cor. 4.13. The graceof love to God in our hearts, is a fruit of the fpirit. Gal. 5.12. and fo gotten, in andby the reverend ufe of the fame means, the wordand prayer , whereby the fpirit is gi- ven,with which wemuff alto joyn endeavor,to feel the love ofGod in. Chrift towards us, in juftification and iànetifica- tion,and then shall we out of doubt love him,as i 7011.4.19. And the grace of reverence and fear is a fruit of the fame fpirit,/fa. i I.2.& fogotten as the other,when by theword we aretaught rightly to conceiveofGod,andofour felvc For comfort , this makes greatly to thole , that, being The Mfrs in covenant with God,do tef ifie the truthof their faith in comfort, M .3 Chris,